Since their birth in 1982, The Mobility Aids Centre has become one of the most comprehensive Mobility Aids suppliers in the Cambridgeshire and Midlands region. They provide mobility aids products and services and deal with suppliers from all over the world, whilst boasting clients as diverse as Warwick Davis, Big Brother and the late Professor Stephen Hawking. It’s the bespoke service and personal touch that’s the main driving force, differentiating them from the ‘stack them high sell them cheap’ super-retailers.

Brave were approached by The Mobility Aids Centre in Peterborough in 2014 and asked for help with a new website which offered direct, online selling to their growing number of website visitors. Since then, the website has evolved and a decision to replatform from Magento to WooCommerce was made based on factors such as; cost, ease of use, SEO and a vast array of support which dwarfs both Magento and Shopify.

Expertise Delivered

  • Magento Replatform
  • UX/UI Design
  • WooCommerce Website Development

Business Location

  • Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

User Research for Better UX Design

Naturally, since we were given another chapter in the company’s growth path online, we decided to visit and clarify what the products needed to accomplish, we initially set up a weeks worth of discovery phase with the intention and focus on user research.

We contacted people in the two target audiences: families caring for an elderly member and carers out in the community and within care homes. We set up interviews and focus groups with both sets and conducted a series of Q&A sessions.

Ultimately, we used a mix of several user research methods to reveal the nuances of what users expected and needed from the website and the products they may be looking to purchase from an eCommerce point of view. This gave us the insights to plan out the UX and consider the UI at the same time.

Integrating Design With Developers

The developers were asked to contribute and participate in our workshops from the beginning, even when the initial scoping, they are always involved to ensure they know what is likely to be signed off and for them to understand the functional and aesthetic vision. For Brave, our developers are also important project stakeholders, whose technical expertise helps guide certain design decisions.

During our design workshops, we wanted to make sure the user interactions we were prototyping were achievable from a technical point. For the development team, being integrated early on meant a chance to choose their front-end and back-end technologies, as well as a step towards accurate effort estimates.

As the design stage was completed, the role in the collaboration with the development team shifted to one of proactive creative support. Our designers attended regular meetings to brief them in preparation for their front-end sprints which meant a great level of QA can be achieved along the way, thus avoiding any major QA issues arising at the final pre-check stage.

The Outcome

The Mobility Aid Centre’s new front end is clean, stylish with a lightning-fast experience that reflects the company’s vision of being a site that must be easy to use for a variety of customer personas – quite literally a beautiful and functional site in a very rudimentary online market which is full of other etailers which are simply not willing to adopt a digital-first mentality.

The design of all the core converting pages meant CRO was at the centre of everything we wanted to focus on for them – this also helped the website fill a lot of functions that didn’t exist previously within Magento. Amongst other things, It was created with a strong “mobile-first” mindset, as most of their customers were moving into mobile. Ultimately the design was built to promote conversions; It continuously moves the customer towards a purchase and makes it easy to contact, enquire and buy whenever the customer feels ready. A user-friendly experience was delivered, where the visit feels smooth, simple, and welcoming in every aspect, for every type of user.


The Next Growth Chapter?

As The Mobility Aids Centre keeps growing online and as a company, so does Brave. We believe the success of our clients reflects on our work, and we are dedicated to providing the best that we can, always. We will continue to aim for even more success in the long run, and that is a mantra at the heart of our agency.


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