Accelerating 68% increase in website enquiries

Taylor Rose MW is a highly respected Tier 1 position in The Legal 500 Law Firm space. With a strong national network of offices, and its head office located near London Bridge, their experience and history run deep as a company formed in 1984 as a result of a merger between Tucker Turner & Co and Kingsley Wood & Co specialised in industrial insurance.

Our support was no different to any other vertical we work in as we’re tried, tested and trusted across our client base. Our main objective was to empower Taylor Rose through with an effective and innovative digital channel strategy. Specific objectives were clarified with specific KPIs agreed upon. With our holistic full-service offering, we set about to analyse the entire user journey of the existing website. Joining the dots across devices, touchpoints and qualitative engagement were paramount to the success of growing their digital profile and search visibility.

Expertise Delivered

  • Outreach & Content
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • CRO & User Engagement

Business Location

  • Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Our Approach for Success

Our first step was to understand what law firm’s clients are looking for, where they look for law firms and how they consider and buy legal services. We conducted a series of workshops in the early stages with key internal staff to understand how law firms and the profession operate. Ultimately the goal was clear, in that we needed to grow the number of leads the firm receives but then it’s vital we understand how they convert them into new clients. This final part is important as armed with this information, we then reviewed the persona, the habits, and the requirements we would originally set out and worked in an agile way to test and measure our tactics from a targeting point of view.

Throughout the course of the SEO Strategy, we set about focusing on the promotion and growth of the two main types of customers that Taylor Rose works with. As such, the focus audience would be 1/ Potential clients looking for a solicitor in one of your available services and 2/ Potential solicitors with experience who are looking for employment

With this information, our Law Firm SEO Strategy was built and tailored to ensure that it matches the required target audience through Organic Search Results. By doing this, we were able to capture a larger percentage of the audience, whilst also helping to improve Conversion Rates for the audience.

SEO Analysis, plan and results

After conducting a full analysis of their Technical SEO in the early stage, we quickly identified the underlying reasons that were driving weak performance for the search service terms they were targeting or thought they were. Law Firm SEO is niche but necessarily easy. The fundamental issues that really stood out were poor keyword optimisation, weak content strategy and lack of conversion rates across most service-ranking keywords. Fundamentals such as duplicate mix content, broken links, duplicate meta description and incorrect pages were to be expected as well as many technical flaws. We, therefore, decided to introduce a series of action points that would be introduced over a period of siz initial months with a priority order. This was phase one before we could implement the second phase and introduce a proactive search marketing phase.

Our initial targets were to increase sessions to the site, increase (new) users, increase pages per session and ultimately ramp up contact form submission for key services highlighted as a priority. All of these were met and success was well received.

+ 362 %

Increase in Sessions YoY

+ 340 %

Increase in Users YoY

+ 68 %

Form Enquiries YoY

76% increase in service focus keywords on page #1 YoY

In the first year of taking over the SEO for Taylor Rose, after a gap analysis reviewed keywords their competitors ranked for the increase in keywords improved by 76%. Many aspects of our strategy contributed to this success but the main areas which boosted this were the optimisation of existing content and new creation, core SEO, site restructure, URL optimisation and ultimately amplifying everything with the addition of ongoing outreach and digital PR.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

As well as in-depth content consulting, our CRO Service primarily was introduced to improve conversion and leads, remove risk of making site enhancements, innovate to stay ahead of other Law Firms who compete for the same client base by using data rather than guesswork and “gut feeling or opinions” when it came to making visual and functionality changes.

The CRO Process Summary

  • User journey analysis (segmentation and mapping of the current user journey, examined by an expert to see where UX improvements can be made)
  • Traffic data analysis (all about current user behaviour, heat map analysis, form tracking analysis, e-commerce data analysis)
  • CRO Recommendations to dev and design
  • Planning and scheduling recommendations
  • Website Go-live day
  • Post SEO activity, checks and analysis
  • CRO Recommendations to dev and design begin again monthly

Our CRO monitoring has led to substantial improvements Year on Year for the Taylor Rose website, increasing sessions up by 362%, a 68.2% increase in enquiries via contact forms and individual pages per session up by 5.70% This is the benefit of combining SEO and CRO – SEO helps you to attract visitors to your site, while CRO helps to convert them into customers by going exactly where you want them to go. This all compliments Law Firm SEO tactics and strategies.

Law Firm SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for Law Firms involves many areas that can make or break an SEO campaign. After having a series of workshops and continual dialogue with the client, our content writers soon got to a comfortable level of the fundamentals of law firm tone of voice.

Writing legal content for actual prospective clients requires a good understanding of legal terms. We know how to optimise a law firm website to stand out in local and national searches but this could only happen with a detailed series of sessions getting under the skin of each and every service offering.

We optimised their main navigation pages to start, with longtail keywords and a variety of other SEO implementations to ensure we could start ranking for variations of the keywords that were vital to them to increase enquiries. The next phase covered all service sub-pages and then news/pr pages thereafter.

Ongoing SEO Task Activity

Outreach/PR Links
Competitor Analysis
Indexation Optimisation
Robots.txt Crawl Path Op
Monthly Checks

Strategic Consultancy
Reporting Analysis
Core SEO – Site, Blog & News
Services Content Op
Info Page Content Op

Site Structure Analysis
Local Geo Schema Tags
Service Schema Install
Meta Description CTR Op
User Engagement Analysis

Internal Linking & Equity Flow
Long Tail Keyword Op
LSI Keyword Op
Local Citation Op
Technical SEO Audit

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