The Silver Spoon Company is a household name we all know, they produce a huge range of sugars for cooking, baking, decorating, drinks and the food service. Over the years, their range of quality sugar has also seen them launch innovative low calorie and home baking products. Their commitment to providing consumers with a perfect range of sweetening and baking choices continues to make them one of the biggest producers and suppliers around.

Brave are involved in a supportive role developing internal communications through to PR collateral activity and we are very proud to be trusted with their brands. Being based in Peterborough, it means that Brave can be both reactive and proactive to their needs and always on hand to offer whatever expertise they need.

Services Supplied

  • Design Collateral Support
  • Advertorial Support
  • PR Publications
  • Concept Projects
  • Internal Communications

Business Location

  • Peterborough

Offline Print Collateral

When it comes to offline activity, not only did we need to understand the brand values of the client, we also had to adhere to set out brand guidelines. In producing supportive collateral such as magazine advertorials, PR Brochures through to their own internal communications, it was really important we understood the values of the company people, as well as the products themselves. Getting this right means you can be trusted, to the point where you are almost an extension of their own team.

We have now been recognised as a go-to agency who understands the needs of the company and understands the products and how they should be presented either internally or to the outside world.

Brand Support

Each of the brands within The Silver Spoon Company has a brand manager, without them, a brand can’t be protected, guided or nurtured. Brave understand the importance of this, given that we are ourselves brand developers and experts, we love to work with these key players.

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