Who Are Seeds of Colour?

Seeds of Colour is a new 100% natural, organic, clean makeup beauty brand for sustainable living. With a true belief that ethical beauty demands cruelty-free cosmetics. Fewer and powerful 100% clean and natural ingredients go into their products which forms their core brand mantra. Their ethos “to attain beauty, healthy skin and wellbeing, we must keep it simple and leverage science to harness the true essence of nature’s colours and best ingredients.

At a time when the world is waking up to sustainability through natural resources and not fabricating where we don’t need to and polluting the environment, Seeds of Colour replaces harmful chemicals with organic superfoods. Their product ingredients are available in nature and sourced in organic farms, meaning no artificial fertilisers, healthier soils and more environmentally friendly.

Expertise Delivered

  • Wireframing
  • UX UI Design
  • Shopify Development

Business Location

  • London

ethically sourced & produced
in a sustainable way.

The Brief

Seeds of Colour asked us to build their online store in Shopify in a swift manner due to their launch campaign time frames. Our goal was to understand a very specific vision for the kind of experience they wanted for their customers, who had the same beliefs as the brand and its products was vital due to the story and reasoning behind the meaning behind the brand. We needed to follow through in the CX of the site and were briefed to ensure there was a clear balance between educating and getting their ethics across whilst allowing the customers to feel they are contributing to the same goals. All this with the goal of not making the user feel like it was a hard sell like many eCommerce stores, they wanted to steer very clear from the norm. We delivered a completely fresh design that met their vision precisely. Built with the client involved at every step of the way worked to ensure our team could immerse themselves fully.

ethical & sustainable

A Collaborative Solution

Brave’s Shopify specialist worked closely with the project heads at Seeds of Colour and ensured they were knowledgeable about the client, project, and expectations prior to starting the website work. All key members of the team at Brave were in the initial discovery session workshop which then followed throughout the project duration. We consulted with the other partners to ensure we were on point in delivering a website that aligned with and leveraged all aspects of their brand, ethos and mantra. A new sitemap streamlined information and education finding and enhanced user experience from; Awareness, Consideration, Acquisition, Retention and Advocacy. These are the core user journey attributes of eCommerce.

Shopify Website UX Design

The main direction from a website design approach was in creating separate UX modules to tell the different informative blocks from the home page and multiple products and collection pages through to consideration and acquisition layout pages. For each design, we wanted to ensure that we created a user-friendly interface that also accurately and effectively represented the Seeds of Colour brand and engaged with their ideal persona.

We carefully walked through each design layout with our client so we could get their honest feedback, ultimately creating a best-practice Shopify website we were proud of too but more importantly felt harmonious with the brand’s personality.

User Experience Detail

Even for a standard Shopify website, we wanted to go above and beyond with the Seeds of Colour website by elevating key core page themes, giving both the brand and its users the best user experience.

Telling each product’s story, especially when it has one is such an amazing opportunity for a web designer: User experience (UX) and eCommerce unified into one on individual product pages, ensuring every product has the opportunity to tell its own story, from lifestyle images and details to the “How to Use It” and Where to Use. Best-practise eCommerce is essential when you’re dealing with products that have more meaning and depth.

It was a given, that we made sure this new-age website was optimised across desktop and mobile, but it was slightly more challenging with this one as the content blocks needed to attract, inform and persuade in every responsive format. Depending on the platform, Seeds of Colour wanted to specifically control how landscape or portrait images captured that feeling and quality of their brand and its products. For mobile, this involved precise exacting padding around images and content blocks.

Doesn't Stop there

After collaborating and continuing to match (or exceed!) expectations, the new Seeds of Colour website went live with soft launch tactics and plenty of time to breathe, test and measure. Brave are not the kind of agency to ever stop pushing, so we’re also continuing to be proactive as an agency, we moved onto the brand activation stage; integrating SEO, PPC, Social and Programmatic.


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