Who are Scotts of Thrapston?

“Engrained with passion and quality for over 100 years” – Passion and experience make up the bones of this brand. Scotts of Thrapston is a widely recognised, family owned business based in the Midlands for over 100 years. From the unparalleled level of craftsmanship that goes into designing and building each of their stunning and innovative outdoor timber summerhouses and stables, right through to the welcoming and helpful team that treats each customer like a member of the Scotts family. 

Scotts has established its reputation in the timber building industry by providing the perfect combination of high quality timber products, expert craftsmanship and personal customer service. The perfect mix of modern technology and traditional building techniques ensures a flexible and efficient manufacturing process to suit customer demand, for all products. 

After the expert skills and knowledge being passed down through the Scotts family, the goal for the company was to build a brand worthy of the skill and experience the family carries. Not only to showcase the beautiful summerhouse and stable designs but to design a brand that fits their ethos.

This is where Brave Ambition comes in.

Expertise Delivered

  • Re-Brand & Repositioning
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Social Media
  • PPC & SEO
  • Native ads
  • Programmatic display
  • Video/mobile advertising
  • UX/UI Website Design
  • Premium WordPress Website

Business Location

  • Northamptonshire

Their Challenge

Brave was approached by Scotts of Thrapston to come in and conduct a full business wide audit of their entire marketing set up from top to bottom. After having conducted a number of internal workshops with key stakeholders and members of their team, we produced a completely new Marketing Strategy & Plan for the business for 2021. 

The business, which celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2020, was deemed to be too ‘traditional’ in terms of its approach to marketing. We found that their efforts were becoming stale and too traditional to cope with the demands of an ever changing ‘digital first’ world, so a more forward-thinking and proactive approach was required. The strategy needed to be centred on two things; first, a clear definition between the consumer and B2B arms of their business and secondly a more heavily targeted and modern approach towards customer engagement and lead generation.

Our Approach

Brave conducted extensive media research, competitor analysis and media indexing project which defined the media habits and trends of this new target market which promoted a number of key touchpoints in which to launch this new website and it’s customer proposition and positioning. The power of a ‘digital first’ approach was introduced to the company and this has yielded some outstanding results for the business by generating far higher volumes of quality traffic to the website at a substantially cheaper cost, resulting in both the lead quality and lead frequency reaching new heights.

The Numbers

+ 500 %

Increased Web Traffic & Engagements

9 X

ROAS Across 1st Year of Activity

+ 560

Macro Conversions within 6 Month of Launch

Performance Obsessed

A performance based social media advertising campaign was launched on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest supported by native ads, programmatic display and video/mobile advertising. This created large-scale, highly targeted market awareness and education of the brand with a funnel based approach towards lead generation that built up a steady pipeline of high quality enquiries and leads. In addition to this we also launched a new SEO strategy, press & PR campaigns and national events. 

The National Press activity was a core component of the overall mix designed to drive brand awareness and upper funnel engagements. The combination of all of these ingredients helped Scotts of Thrapston to have an exceptional year in 2021 with their production at a peak (despite a pandemic!) for the majority of the year. They are now much better placed to have more direct control over their marketing operations, strategy and their sales pipelines with the new approach and tactics now in full force. 

Designing a UX Focused Website

Before starting any site design, our team of experienced web designers researched not only the old Scotts of Thrapston website but their competitors too. Our research, accompanied by detailed discussions with our client, gave us a great understanding of their vision for the brand, new website and what they wished to achieve. Our team was able to design a bespoke, high-end website to sit in their landscape. 

There were a number of flaws that our design specialists found with the previous site design, with the first issue being the templated theme designs. A website that is built using off-the-shelf templates may be an easy option but they are not designed with conversion rate optimisation principles in mind and they are very restrictive when it comes to adding bespoke content that can tell a story in a tailored way. 

Since the website’s main objective was around generating fresh leads and showcasing their quality products, we believed that a bespoke, UX optimised website redesign was the best road to take. We achieved this with a combination of high quality product images, an updated colour palette and a clear product hierarchy. With these qualities, Scotts now have a bespoke wordpress website that is traditional yet contemporary.

Micro Interaction, modular and Bespoke

Our team carried out extensive UX and competitor research to better understand what could make Scotts of Thrapston different and how we could utilise that. The website needed to be easy to use but able to have the same attention to detail that Scotts have in their own craftsmanship. We introduced Micro-interactions, highly modular pages and bespoke features to make the site easy to use.

Adding a high level of animation that did not interfere with the UX is always paramount when designing and building a website, it needs to function and look aesthetically pleasing at almost every touchpoint that a user interacts with. When it came to the consideration of modular pages, we needed to ensure they were easily edited so Scotts could have full ownership over the site content and be self-sufficient in-house using a preset ‘lego bricks’ construction.

Bespoke features are an abundance on this website and one, in particular, would be when Brave’s team were building the bespoke product calculator for customers to use, ease of use and practicality were at the forefront. 

Vue.js in combination with Vuex and Vue Router technology was at the core of this implementation which allowed us to build the website using a traditional toolset, but ‘take over’ the site with the product calculator when needed. This is a major difference when it comes to setting up bespoke open-source platforms such as WordPress and ensuring any bloated features which are not needed are refined further for the client.

All this was all carefully planned at the early wireframing stage through to high-fidelity prototyping where both the designers and the developers group together to discuss these finer details.

Content Is King

Content too was carefully considered and this wasn’t just limited to photography and copywriting, video played its part at key points throughout the user journey to reinforce credibility, social proofing and get across the personal connection. Videos keep people on a website longer and engaging them with your content is the number one priority. We soon realised that the way in which Scotts sell is through a tailored personal service, after all, people work with people, and video helps people get to know you a lot faster and enables them to like and trust you within those first 10-20 seconds when they click play.

What’s Next?

The strategy that we compiled for Scotts of Thrapston centred on our proven ability to create effective, heavily targeted performance based campaigns which eliminates budget wastage and maximises on the output and ROI of our campaigns. 

It was determined early on that Scotts were seeing an increase in low-quality leads that were previously coming through to them either through their website or paid ads. Our task was clear. A clear definition of their target audience led to a much more robust approach towards penetrating this highly valuable audience. 

With continued lead and target user research we will be able to continue to boost their ad conversion rates and bring forward a more relevant and better targeted lead funnel.

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