Who is Sanne London

Fashion all over the world is having to react and evolve with changed consumer behaviour. Today’s savvy fashionista is now fully enriched with 21st-century life, they want luxe and practicality, ethically made with beauty and bespoke tailoring to enrich their individual taste. Meet Sanne London. Founded by Lena McCroary, its gaining strong momentum in the fashion world with detailed expertly crafted jackets and gorgeously detailed dresses – all made to order and specific to the individual.

In Lena’s own words, “I think true luxury is something that’s been beautifully crafted by a skilled artisan, using fine materials, who has been paid well for the work they do. And, of course, it’s the process of having something made for yourself.”

Despite their ever-growing success, the brand had never had any real online presence before starting their work with Brave. We would set about to plan a new tactic to raise awareness through digital channels whilst enriching the user journey and coupling an integrated strategy together.

Project Deliverables

  • Digital Brand
  • WooCommerce
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • UX/UI Design


  • Mayfair, London

Understanding A High-Net-Worth Audience

Digital marketing that targets high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UNWIs) is a pretty niche area of specialism and requires the right approach, the right audience research and the right tactics. Putting all the ingredients together isn’t as straightforward as one might think and above all else, a test and measure approach was implemented to start collecting data.

We were clear in our understanding with this group which is highly skilled, digitally savvy and spend a lot of time online (especially post-lockdown new habits), they’re well-read and very selective on which brands they share and associate their personal info’ with, especially when sharing on social.

What Did Brave Deliver For Sanne London?

After initially talking through Sanne London’s commercial business needs and goals with the leadership team, we set to work planning both a website UX design uplift and CRO upgrade and a redesign in areas of the site that were deemed as being potential journey barriers to conversion. Taking the brand through the gears of refinement within the WooCommerce platform meant our focus would turn initially around the website which married beautiful design with a strong ability to drive conversions through meaningful UX structural changes and refinements.

Devil's In the UX/UI Detail

Many luxury brands have the benefit of years of brand development, leaving newer brands on the back foot and needing to try much harder to penetrate the online landscape. We set about making sure the website and online UX brand guidelines match the online experiences that HNWIs are used to and expect. We focused on ensuring that relevant, clean, informative and interaction felt on-brand and respecting all that is Sanne London and what Lena the Founder had so very much worked hard to create in the first place.

Our intention was to keep the home page stunning enough to engage and clear enough to navigate quickly. The Sanne London site is subtly divided into three sections — Womenswear, Haus and Bespoke Tailoring Service. This being the holy grail behind the website and signposts to set the scene which was a consideration to lead a user into an intent, which was not limited to a beautiful visual manifestation but we went beyond, into the emotional realm — the user needs to experience the whole curated journey. In the “Lookbook” section users are inspired through collections and visual experiences, whilst in the “About Us” section, users are taken through the story behind the creator and the brand.

Brand And Colour Treatment

Sanne London entrusted Brave with this Brand to ensure their primary colour requirements and typography would be seamlessly intertwined into the colourways and modules of the site without feeling it was disjointed from other channels creative activity both analogue or digital. We believe that the essence of colours used both subtle and vivid can be manifested through content blocks, photographic choice and fonts rather than force-fitting large blocks just for adding content for the sake of it. This helped maintain the intention of a clean look throughout the site to focus mostly on the products and give them the freedom to breathe and explore within the page.

Post-Launch Digital Activiation

Considering that even though 90% of HNWIs use social media., they are extremely selective with who they choose to connect and engage with and the private sharing that they are prepared to disclose. Nurturing and building trust before connecting is key and that’s where an integrated channel approach is being launched with a test, measure and evaluate series of phases across all platforms.

With their beautiful new eCommerce platform revitalised and a suite of digital marketing activation in place and set to drive more awareness and acquisitions, we look forward to seeing the Sanne London brand continue to grow, thrive and turn heads.

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