A bespoke digital solution for a company that specialises in the unique

Riviera Bespoke prides itself on its attention to detail, finite attentiveness and automotive expertise. Brave was entrusted to create and encapsulate these values by building a digital platform to reflect them and more. This would allow Riveria Bespoke to showcase its range of Riviera Bespoke vehicles by taking customers behind the scenes to see the care and attention that goes into creating every tailored vehicle.

As this was a new launch, the aim of this project was to create an engaging website with a real wow factor to excite and inspire customers and present them to the prestigious bespoke 4×4 industry.

Services Delivered

  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Custom Lottie Animations
  • Enterprise WordPress Development

Business Location

  • Yorkshire

Product Focused Design

With such iconic and beautiful vehicles, it was important to make sure that the website was used as a way to showcase them firstly in their own individuality but also highlight all of their spectacular features rather than try too hard to sell and steal the show. The process was to craft a simple clean design specifically around the strong imagery, image-enhance each shot and incorporate videos whilst allowing plenty of breathing space to ensure that the brand and its values were communicated succinctly with just enough CTA’s to engage with potential customers and not overcook this side of the page furniture.

Obsessed and Defined By The Detail

To showcase the stunning range of alloys each vehicle would be supplied with, we built a fully interactive wheel showcase page that allowed users to click and drag the wheels to see them from any direction. These previews were made from a 4K video shot in a bespoke studio and split out into over 60 images ensuring that the spin was smooth seamless and high-def. To ensure this feature had the same level of finesse displayed across the rest of the website, the interactiveness also features real-life physics enabling the wheel to have a natural flow that eases in and out of movement giving it a sophisticated feel.

Motion and Animation

To help elevate the site, we focussed on using a range of transitions, animations and motion videos to help highlight some of the key features of the vehicles and wheels, all with the end goal of engaging the user and providing a fully immersive and exciting experience whilst encapsulating the Riviera brand. This site needed to no be the norm, but feel bespoke in structure, just like the product range itself.

What’s next?

To accompany the website we will be starting a full post-launch growth strategy based on targeting a certain demographic with the core goal of spreading awareness of Riviera Bespoke and announcing them as a disrupter to the marketplace with a combination of brand-building campaigns as well as search marketing and demand creation tactics.

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