Riviera Styling is a product range that offers customised styling kits and accessories for high-end vehicles such as; Land Rover, Porshe, Audi, and Mercedes cars and is based in nr Leeds, England. With a passion for redefining styling for such vehicles, they sought to build their first eCommerce solution to offer direct and dealers the ability to pick and choose every part or full kit set online. After a successful few years dealing directly with distributors, Riviera Styling is now in high demand due to the amazing designs and finesse it extrudes within the automotive industry.

Expertise Delivered

  • Wireframing & Flow
  • UX/UI Website Design
  • WooComerce Website Development

Business Location

  • Leeds

CX, UX Solution

Riviera aims to fully engage the process where the user can select the vehicle, then the exact accessories or full kit and checkout with confidence whilst being able to fix an appointment on when and where they want to get them fitted. A dedicated service section will also be added to the website in the later stage where a user can select the services of his choice or order a car inspection at his home.

Brave conducted a series of user survey workshops both with end customers as well as dealers to ensure we were clear on the profile of users and in understanding their specific individual requirements. Customer experience needed to mimic the same level as if they were calling direct.

Designing the User Flow

Using extensive online research on how other competitors were displaying their UX/UI specific to products, services and how they were marketing themselves, we broadened our understanding of the specific industry. This assisted our creative team and helped to figure out the basic details that would be needed for the website. The ideal process we like is to create a  map and filter it down to a flowchart.

By creating a flowchart, we could then think forwards to how we would design the overall content plan and interface which we wanted to push to something more customised to reflect their own ethos.

Ideating the solution

Sometimes, Pencil and paper are the best and quickest of all diagramming tools and it allowed us to free-flow the possible solutions to our problem.
The focus was to create a visual filter and choice system which is fast and asks for the customer’s inputs in such a way that the user doesn’t feel overwhelmed with questions.

We discussed the wireframe with our client and a few others within separate workshops internally to ensure its usability was free from obstruction. This was a great starting point, which we used to improve on with feedback which helped further to create a prototype.

The next step was then to create an information architecture that would all of the team to get a detailed idea of the information that needs to be represented on the website. This went on to give us a structure for the backend of the website.

A Fresh Website Interface

Creating a simple yet dynamic design was our main goal, with Riviera Styling focusing heavily on the bespoke visual impact of their products. Our team of UX and UI designers created a fresh, new user experience using Riviera Styling’s extensive brand collateral; Video, High-end Photography and Brand Assets.

Plus given a large number of products, categories and vehicle content, we decided to simplify the navigation through the site where possible to ensure it declutters the main navigation, allowing the user to shop with ease. What’s more, to further simplify the customer journey, the collection category pages were stripped back to showcase top-level products.

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