Premium Oral Care Brand with Gleaming Ambitions

Polished London is a UK-based multi-award-winning, cruelty-free range of luxury whitening and oral care products. Launched in 2015 they identified a gap in the market for effective, non-invasive, peroxide-free and affordable teeth whitening products that could be applied in the comfort of your home. Stocked by some of the top high street names such as Harrods and John Bell & Croyden, they are growing market share in this category.

Before working with Brave, Polished London had another agency managing their Digital Channels; Google Ads, Facebook ads and Klaviyo Email account. Polished London came to Brave after they felt they were not getting looked after and were unsure of the results they were getting.

Before taking on the account, we performed a full audit on their Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Klaviyo accounts to allow us to get a clear picture of the issues with all the accounts. From here, we would know what needed to be done to create a new strategy that followed best practices and optimise all the accounts to drive performance.

Expertise Delivered

  • Google Ads Management
  • Google Shopping Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Ads

Business Location

  • London

We grew Google Ads Revenue up 72%
& Increased ROAS by 31%

+ 72 %

Increase in Google Ads revenue

+ 220 %

Google Shopping revenue

+ 35 %

Increased ROAS over all paid channels

The Challenge

Based on our audit, we suggested a complete rebuild of the account following Google Ads’ best practices to help grow the account effectively and achieve the desired ROAS target. We also created a new aesthetic design for social which aimed to enhance the visual appeal of the ads.

The first steps were to rebuild the Google Ads account to drive new revenue and maintain a profitable ROAS. The market Polished London occupies is both niche and highly competitive with new and old brands dominating the market with a huge amount of visibility, so a key tactic was to ensure we could stand out amongst the noise. To do this and achieve a profitable ROAS, we went forward with a complete restructure of the Facebooks Ads account.

Our Strategy and Approach

By introducing integrated marketing campaigns, we were able to deliver results from key avenues including Google Search, Google Shopping, Facebook Advertising, and Email Marketing via Klaviyo. Bolstering Polished London’s overall visibility across all arms of digital outreach helped achieve their desire to increase revenue while achieving a profitable ROAS.

Before we took over the Google Ads account, we identified there was a high focus on the branded search campaign. On the surface, it looked like Polished London was performing great; however, this was driving very little new revenue. Working closely with the client, we created a new account structure that focused on broadening the Google Search profile with additional keywords and placing a new focus on Google Shopping. We created individual campaigns for each target category which allowed us to optimise and perform each campaign at a much more granular level than the previous set-up.

Google Shopping Strategy

Google Shopping was another channel identified as having significant potential for growth for Polished London because customers do not need to be familiar with a brand to be interested in clicking their shopping link at the top of SERPs.

The first task was to optimise the product feed using, adding in key product USPs, and submitting the correct Google product category to aid CTR and visibility within Google Shopping listings. We identified that Polished London had not been working with a Google-verified reviews aggregator and did not have product reviews showing on the Google Shopping listings. Thus, we advised Polished London to use and worked with them to get a product reviews feed submitted to Google to allow these reviews to be shown on Google Shopping Ads. The resulting reviews section had a positive impact on the Google Shopping campaigns, increasing CTR by 28% and lowering averaging CPC by 22%.

Facebook Ads Strategy

Conducting a Facebook Ads audit unearthed an opportunity to utilise lookalike audiences to be used for targeting. Due to a large number of purchases made, Polished London had a strong audience set that they had not previously considered using to this extent. We set up a Product Catalogue Dynamic Remarketing campaign which served ads of the specific products that users had viewed or added to their basket but not purchased within the last 90 days.

Email Marketing Strategy

Performing an email marketing audit brought to light that Polished London had a large database that held good potential to drive extra revenue. This database had never been utilised to its full potential, with only around 40% of all contacts that had received an email. We created a new email template and emailed their whole database, allowing us to then create a new optimised engaged profile segment. This new strategy saw a significant increase in sales via email, with a 1564% increase within the first month of working with us.

Results & Growth

+ 31 %

Increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

+ 35 %

Increase in Conversions via Google Ads

1564 %

Increase in Revenue from Email Revenue

Rebuilding Campaigns & Optimum Performance

Within the first 6 months we worked with Polished London, we exceeded all achievable targets for this vertical and changed their ways of working, promoting agility in account management, pushing for a continuous test-and-learn approach, and striving for innovation.

Main Points From Our Google Ads Audit

  • Poorly set up Responsive Search Ads
  • Broken Sitelink extensions
  • Incorrect set-up of Dynamic Ads
  • Low keyword QS due to poor ad copy and choice of landing page
  • Shopping feed unoptimised – No USPs in titles, not submitting Google product category
  • Google ads retargeting tag installed correctly on the site
  • Large focus on branded keyword
  • Reviews not showing on Google Shopping Products

Facebook Ads Audit Issues

  • Not utilising Lookalike Audiences
  • Poor Ad Copy
  • Stale Ad Creatives
  • Lack of A/B testing

Klaviyo Email Marketing Audit Issues

  • Not utilising Automation flows
  • Never emailed the whole database
  • Not using an engaged segment – results in low open rates

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