For anyone losing their sight, having a family member or friend lose their sight can be an extremely difficult time. Peterborough Association for the Blind is a registered charity totally committed to supporting and helping the visually impaired and their carers find the correct type of support and to help them keep and maintain their quality of life.

Brave were asked to review their current website offering and offer guidance and expertise to develop a new website which would be used by those with partial or total loss of sight – a challenge which we knew would be worth giving our full efforts to, for such a good cause.

Expertise Delivered

  • Website Planning
  • Wireframe
  • Mobile Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • AAA Accessibility
  • Text Only/Screen Readers


We were stunned to find out that over two million people in the UK are living with sight loss as of 2015. Our challenge started with understanding exactly who our target audience might be using the site, since sight loss affects people of all ages, but as we all get older, we are all increasingly likely to experience some form of sight loss.


Statistics were important to digest from a UX/UI point of view since the following figures were highlighted to us:



One in five people aged 75+ are living with some form of sight loss.


One in two people aged 90+ are living with some form of sight loss.


Women account for nearly two-thirds of people living with sight loss.


Adults that live with learning disabilities are 10 times more likely to have issues with sight.

Website Accessibility

Despite their visual impairments, many of those people with full or partial loss of sight use the Internet every day.

Text Size

When it comes to accessibility, one of the first areas to consider is size of text, making allowances for enlarged text is something of a given but also brings it’s challenges when it comes to the structure of a website as it can easily knock out a page format and ruin the layout.

Contrast Options

There are many eye diseases which bring significant decreases in contrast sensitivity which is when the eye’s ability to differentiate between similar shades and levels of brightness become very hard. We have given PAB users the ability to quickly select high, low and default contract options.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To avoid eye strain and can make site navigation for the visually impaired user far easier, we introduced quick key shortcuts to enable the user to swiftly get to the core pages instantly. Our focus research session proved that the less time a user spends following the cursor around (which they can easily lose) around the screen, the better.

Website Design & Build

When embarking on such an important website build for an audience such as this, our number one priority was to ensure that users should be able to complete a task, be it to read content, engage or fill out a form on the website the first time they try.

We knew that if they failed to use the website initially, they’d probably not be encouraged to get in touch with PAB. The website needed to match up with the dedication and commitment of the charity which puts it’s audience first.


The end result has given Peterborough Association for the Blind the online tool it deserves. A site which has all the necessary functionality, accessibility standards and overall look and feel it needed to improve the lives of so many people who are in need of their help and support.

We are so proud to have been chosen as the provider in this project and take great pride with the end product.

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