Nene Park is the region’s best place to experience the outdoors and enjoy nature. With over 1.8 million visits per year, it is home to one of the largest and most visited ‘Country Parks’ in the UK. If you are looking for adventure, outdoor activity, to walk the dog or appreciate nature, Nene Park boasts a multitude of landscapes to explore. And part of the Nene Park Trust’s new Master Plan was to bring onboard a Branding Agency to work closely with their existing PR Company Athene Communications – that’s where Brave were selected.

The brief was to create a unique brand identity, whilst giving a nod to the original but to breathe new life into a more engaging an relative visual which could give the Park it’s own ident in isolation and hold it’s own without the complication of the Trust’s own Brand communication.

Expertise Delivered

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Comprehensive Brand Guidelines
  • Communications Strategy Support
  • Brand Development Workshops

Business Location

  • Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Discovery, Exploration & Design

We start each project with a Brand Discovery session, asking a lot of questions and even more importantly, listening. The creates the stage for the remainder of the branding process as it helps us understand what makes your brand tick and why you do what you do. The during our exploration sessions we find the best way we work is by completely immersing our branding team in your industry, sector and target audience.

The final stage here was the actual creative process, we sketched out concepts, iterating them extensively before presenting the final polished first concepts for our client. We then go on and refine them further based on their feedback until they have a design which they felt was their own.

Nene Park provides for the visitors from the region and beyond – such as dog walkers, families, fitness enthusiasts, relaxation seekers, nature lovers, old, young and everything in between and local businesses. Offering a “healthy mix” of activities, exploration, as well as space for appreciation, relaxation and discovery across a multitude of landscapes in one large joined up location with such variety that no other direct or indirect competition can offer. We do this by providing a permanent haven and caring for heritage whilst offering a wide range of recreational activities to suit all everyone looking for discovery all year round and all in one place.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines need to serve as strict guide for suppliers, employers and partners; they are reference books for the visual storytellers, designers and marketers briefed with communicating the brand in the right way it was intended to be.

As a leading branding agency, our goal is to break down complicated brand messaging, the positioning and vision for your organisation. We then create a detailed document that illustrates and shows the working parts of the brand and tells a story of the brand that everyone can buy into, from beginning to end.

Implementing the Brand

Once all the researching and planning is over, nothing can come to fruition without a solid implementation strategy. Brand strategy implementation is one of the toughest exercises a Branding Agency can go through but it can also be one of the most rewarding for us and you the client. Creating a brand implementation strategy ensured we could reach their target audience whether that be onsite or offsite. This is the part where the creative aspects of the brand came in to play. Being easily recognisable by their audience was crucial, the design element was practical enough to be implemented into various print and online channels such as posters, signage, leaflets, clothing, social media and website design.

“Our logo is the most visible element of our identity. It’s a guarantee of quality that unites our locations, products and activities. Our logo is a bold, simple, graphic statement. It represents a driven, strong and proud business and should never be altered to reflect any different.”

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