Since their birth in 1982, The Mobility Aids Centre has become one of the most comprehensive Mobility Aids suppliers in the East Anglian and Midlands region. They provide mobility aids products and services and deal with suppliers from all over the world, whilst boasting clients as diverse as Warwick Davis, Big Brother and the late Professor Stephen Hawking. It’s the bespoke service and personal touch that’s the main driving force, differentiating them from the ‘stack them high sell them cheap’ super-retailers.

Brave were approached by The Mobility Aids Centre in Peterborough in 2014 and asked for help with a new website which offered direct, online selling to their growing number of website visitors.

Expertise Covered

  • E-commerce Strategy
  • Website Design & UX/UI
  • Marketing
  • SEO & PPC
  • Magento Development
  • WordPress
  • Print Collateral

Business Location

  • Peterborough (Showroom/Warehouse)


They were already aware that the traffic and enquiries being generated by their website were increasing year on year, but also mindful that their closest competitors were also capitalising by allowing customers to browse and purchase products online. They felt they had been a bit slow off the mark and were concerned that some of their rivals were stealing a march. It was time to be focussed, smart and aggressive to play catch up.

After several brainstorming sessions with The Mobility Aids Centre, we were able to get a really good feel of what the business was about, what their unique selling points were and where their strengths and weaknesses lay. We were also able to gather a lot more information about their typical customer profile and target audience to ensure the solution would not only focus on the right audience, but ensure it could give the users exactly what they needed in this highly challenging service based sector.

Brand Strategy

By retaining a heavy emphasis and association with the existing bricks and mortar Peterborough showroom and by focussing on aspects such as ‘family run’, and ‘years of expertise’, we were able to install and convey trust and knowledge through brand communication to the audience. This removed any possible perception that the company was merely an e-commerce only retailer. In fact, far from it, we were able to drive customers along the user journey, ensuring they felt in safe hands with a reputable business that always cares about recommending the right product. After all, a brand must impart positive feelings about the business.


So as to fully understand the space The Mobility Aids Centre occupied, Brave undertook a full review of the marketing materials and competition, be it online or the local activity marketing for Peterborough specifically. By doing this, we were able to create a distinct new brand style which evolved what had already been established previously. We gave this a modern twist with a comprehensive set of brand and communication guidelines, defining them and how they would communicate. All visual aspects of the brand collateral were then reviewed and new typographic, colour and layout styles developed to adhere to Brave’s strategic recommendations. The brief was to come up with a cleaner, clearer new way of capturing the organisation’s trust/personality, bringing to life their services and areas of specialism.


A new responsive site has been built on Magento Community Edition with a mobile audience in mind since over 50% of online shoppers are using mobile and tablet devices to purchase from the brand. Being driven by insights, we established that the user profile typically included carers, friends and family members who would aid the purchaser through the journey of research and purchase using a mobile or tablet device.

The site benefits from supplier product feed updates, a complex VAT exempt set of rules and heavily configured UI product page template to accommodate a comprehensive content page strategy.


With the new Magento online store now in place, we are set to begin the online marketing initiative. The site has been initially created with best practice SEO in mind – this involves refinement of on-page and off-page elements, such as site architecture, content optimisation, backlink profile analysis and so on.

We have also implemented Call Tracking software to provide another layer of analytical data above and beyond that scrutinised with Google Analytics. By serving up user specific telephone numbers, we can understand how much revenue the website is turning over. We noted prior to this recommendation that the client was generating a huge amount of calls, but they didn’t truly know why this was the case or what had driven the customer to call. We can now put a value on the website’s true worth of generated revenue – we know the search terms that drive enquiries, we know the steps taken by the customer and the pages they have visited, and due to the Heatmap tracking implemented, we can see how well they are interacting with the pages. Knowledge is power and we have a lot on tap to let our client make business decisions!


What's Next?

Over a 12-month period, The Mobility Aids Centre has focused on building a digital offering that meets with their customer requirements, delivering a channel that allows consumers to shop and interact with the retailer in the way they need to. Using the new website to deliver an easy to use format, improve the flexibility of the platform’s content management system, Brave looks forward to building on what has been a good start to a new digital chapter for the company.

The next step is to work with the client to create a full online strategy which will involve SEO, PPC, and Social Media for lead generation. Whether that’s attracting national digital customers or local ones via Peterborough specific campaigns, the rules are the same but the strategies will be targeted.

Due to the intended audience being mixed, the online strategy will need to be complemented by a series of offline campaigns, designed to create a single brand message and ultimately connect with the recipient. The results will be constantly measured and tactics refined to react to data insights.

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