Meminio Makes Memories Last Forever

Meminio launched in early 2016 to provide a range of memory-storing gifts for any occasion, from births to anniversaries, milestone birthdays to weddings. Capturing and storing all of those important memories, in beautiful ways.

Before taking on the account, we performed a pay-per-click (PPC) audit of the Google Ads account and found several issues with the account that wasted ad spend and a significant number of aspects that had not been set up to Google Ads’ best practices.

Brave’s approach was to be transparent and honest, whilst giving them the information so they could be brave and trust our process.

Expertise Delivered

  • PPC Audit
  • Google Ads Management
  • Google Shopping Management

Business Location

  • London

Growing Revenue and retaining the best ROAS

+ 20 %

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

+ 31 %

Revenue via Google Ads

+ 52 %

Revenue via Google Shopping

First Actions Taken From the PPC Audit

Based on our audit, we suggested a complete rebuild of the account following Google Ads best practices to help grow the account effectively and achieve the specified ROAS target. We also created a new set of creatives for Social which aimed to enhance the visual appeal of the ads.

The first steps of the rebuild started with the Google Ads account to drive new revenue and maintain a profitable ROAS. This was a key tactic to ensure we could stand out in a competitive niche where new and staple brands dominated the market with a huge amount of visibility. Plus, we went forward with a complete restructure of the Facebooks Ads account to achieve a profitable ROAS.

Google Ads Audit Highlights

Some of the main issues that were highlighted from the PPC audit highlighted that extensions were not being utilised, which affects quality score and, by extension, Click Through Rate and ad relevance. All keyword quality scores were also seen to be low due to poor ad copy and choice of landing pages. Achieving a higher quality score in this sector means that ads and landing pages are more relevant and useful to visitors searching for your keyword.

Dynamic search ads are fundamental to a successful campaign and also needed to start being used to allow Meminio to capitalise on searches that might not have otherwise triggered from their ad. Plus, they can be a great source for identifying new keyword options that you might not have otherwise found.

Finally, the shopping feed needed to be optimised, which we know from experience is the foundation of all successful campaigns for eCommerce businesses in particular. Without it, you can find yourself spending much more money than you need to and ultimately risk decreased visibility in search results.

Based on our audit, we suggested a rebuild of the account following Google Ads’ best practices to help grow the account effectively and achieve the specified ROAS target.

Getting Accounts Up to Speed

Previously managed by several third-party contractors and agencies, the Meminio account contained a multitude of campaigns. Our key priority was to identify the best and worst performing areas so that we could streamline their account.

We reviewed historical data to see which keywords weren’t converting and, depending on the severity of the situation, either lowered the cost-per-click or paused advertising spending altogether on certain keywords. We immediately went on to rebuild the Google Ads account to allow optimal performance, optimising the Google Product feed and ultimately continuing with the target of increasing revenue while achieving a specified ROAS by the client.

up 52% via Google Shopping

Strategy and Approach

To start with enacting the strategy, we audited the Google Ads account to accurately assess historical performance and identify areas for improvement. We spotted that the Branded Google Search Campaign had been the main revenue driver in the account, giving a false performance impression as these sales were to happen anyway and not driving any new revenue for the business. Working closely with the client, we created a new account structure which focused on all the target product categories. Creating individual campaigns for each target category allowed us to optimise each campaign at a much more granular level than the previous setup.


Google Shopping Tactics

By following Google Ads’ best practices, we were able to drive growth from results from key avenues including Google Search and Google Shopping. This has resulted in an overall surge in website sales, increasing by 26% since the beginning of our working partnership.

Google Shopping was another channel identified that had huge potential for growth for Meminio because customers do not need to be familiar with a brand to click on their shopping link at the top of SERPs. We optimised all products within the feed using to aid CTR and visibility within Google Shopping listings.

Results & Growth

+ 31 %

Increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

+ 35 %

Increase in Conversions via Google Ads

1564 %

Increase in Email Revenue

Our Initial Google Ads Audit Checks

Below is our checklist for how we solved Meminio’s Google Ads Audit issues:

  • Determine overall goals
  • Review performance trends
  • Check account organisation
  • Review the basics to ensure the structure is clean
  • Look at the metrics that matter
  • Glance at the vanity metrics
  • Dig into the actual ads

Initial Google Shopping Audit Checks

Below is our checklist for how we solved Meminio’s Google Shopping Audit issues:

  • Check Google Policies for product types, descriptions and categories, etc.
  • Check metrics are set up from Google Shopping Reports
  • Analyse Google Shopping campaigns performance on GA
  • Check Google Shopping campaign structure and priorities
  • Analyse product grouping and product segmentation
  • Review and update negative keywords list

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