Only a third of new cars come with a spare wheel. With more pressure on manufacturers to increase efficiencies, It seems that the manufacturers’ efforts to make vehicles more fuel efficient is moving this shift from full-size spare wheels to puncture repair kits. This is where companies like The Wheel Shop come into the mix by offering this solution again.

The Wheel Shop was looking predominately for an Agency that knew how Magento worked and how to migrate from Magento to WooCommerce and found Brave. What was key to their requirements was expertise in user research, business analysis, UX/user experience design and our Magento E-commerce skills whilst looking to bolster the core digital brand proposition itself.

So what eCommerce Support is being delivered by Brave? WooComerce CRO  Continual reviews, Business Insights and Intelligence, SEM Audits and assessments, WooCommerce Roadmapping, eCommerce consultation and technical eCommerce Strategy workshops

Expertise Delivered

  • Branding
  • Magento Website Development
  • Responsive Website Design

Business Location

  • Manchester, Lancashire


  • Automotive

E-commerce Rebranding

The original old branding looked tired, lacked gloss, trust and ambition. It is all about perceptions and senses and that applies not only in the real retail world but the digital E-commerce world too. As a Magento Agency, we worked through this process, we went through a series of workshops, defining what the brand was, defining the target audience and the style of execution. Once the branding had been completed, the next part was to deliver all communication in the same way with the same exact brand values – the key is continuity and this forms a stronger bond with your audience. Brand building is a fundamental and for E-commerce this is a must when your competitors are likely to up their game and try catch up.

User-centric E-commerce Design

Initially, we first guided this project through a user-centred discovery process to get under the skin of where the weak points were and where we could potentially gain user conversion. During this process, we conducted interviews with users of the service and focus groups, to ensure that we gained a good understanding of the weaknesses at hand. We identified a number of different user types, which we captured as personas and used the research to understand each one’s goals and frustrations with their own individual E-commerce journeys. This enabled our developers to scrutinise the existing templates and give the front end a complete overhaul.

Implementing the brand

Brave looked at a comprehensive list of marketing collateral with a key objective we live by: “Let us make your customers feel great about your brand whichever touch point they reach”.

E-commerce Website Design

Since launching the new website they have seen an amazing increase in engagement and overall positive feedback. The site continues to grow and evolve and more people are engaging with the brand through all channels.

By choosing Brave as their eCommerce WooCommerce Partner, we were able to help them enhance the core features and build an increase in user interaction and ultimately sales.

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