Increasing Google Ads ROAS by 43% & Revenue by 340%

Franklees started life from an idea from two friends back in 2016 Cape Town, with a passion and drive to create a wide range of iconic patterned designed (fashionable) underwear from individual sets to matching ones.  What sits at the core of the product range is comfort, connection, confidence and caring.

With a brand launched already in South Africa, Franklees looked to Brave to help them re-engineer their UK campaigns, understand the audience and look to prove they could start stealing market share within this territory.

Services Delivered

  • Google Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Klaviyo Email Marketing

Business Location

  • South Africa

Our results within the first few weeks...

340 %

increase in Revenue via Google Ads

43 %

increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

78 %

increase in Revenue via Google Shopping

Google Ads Audit

Prior to taking on the account we performed an audit of the Google Ads account and uncovered a number of other issues that led to the account’s historically poor performance.

Some of the main issues that were highlighted from the audit:

  • Product feed not optimised 
  • Not utilising Extensions
  • No negative keywords set
  • Dynamic remarketing not set up correctly
  • Incorrect set-up of Dynamic Search ads

Based on our audit we suggested a rebuild of the account following Google Ads best practices to help grow the account effectively and achieve the client’s desired ROAS target.

The Challenge

Franklee were managing their PPC account internally but realised outsourcing the campaign would improve their ROAS and Revenue and allow them to have a dedicated agency PPC expert oversee their account. As a result, their team could concentrate on their in-house roles more effectively and focus more time on organic and brand activities.

The key aspects of our plans  involved three core areas:

  • To optimise a product feed with over 800 products
  • To increase revenue while achieving a specified ROAS 
  • To rebuild the Google Ads account to allow optimal performance

Just 2 weeks in after taking over the account, it generated a massive revenue increase with a ROAS which was significantly higher than they anticipated.

Our Approach and Strategy

After auditing the Franklees Google Ads account we were able to accurately assess the areas for improvements to increase the ROAS. Additionally, we identified new focus areas to drive additional revenue in the account in particular on Search. From the audit, we found that the product feed was unoptimised to the levels needed which was significantly hindering performance and visibility on Google Shopping. So we knew optimising the product feed would have a good impact on the overall account performance.

Working closely with the client we carefully created a new optimised account structure which focused on all the target product categories. This new optimised account structure quickly bared fruit and achieved strong improvements even within 1 week of launch!

The Results

Within the first month of working with Franklees we exceeded the client’s targets and achieved some very strong results:

  • 43% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) 
  • 340% increase in Revenue via Google Ads
  • 78% increase in Revenue via Google Shopping
  • 270% increase in Conversions via Google Ads

Using a combination of tools available and regular analysis, ROAS was dramatically improved and continues to improve as we continuously monitor manage and refine the PPC Campaign.

What’s next?

With the UK customer acquisition growing, we now look to other overseas territories to gain market share in the same manner as we started with the UK geo.

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