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With over 10 years of experience as a manufacturer and suppliers of bespoke labelling solutions, FlexiLabels have built up a business that prides itself on delivering high quality products and excellent customer service across a huge range of brands across many different industries. They have constantly invested in new technology to ensure they can continue to meet customers’ demands in an ever changing industry allowing their clients to elevate everything from their packaging to their postage labels. 

Our job was to build upon these successes and help the FlexiLabel team showcase their offerings to a wider range of new clients. Our full service agency approach means we were able to start by building the foundations with a targeted brand strategy and new identity followed by a bespoke website redesign and finished off with a digital growth strategy and ongoing marketing support.

Expertise Delivered

  • Brand Discovery Positioning Workshops
  • Wireframing, UX/UI Web Design
  • CRO Audit (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
  • Content Planning
  • SEO and PPC Google Ads

Business Location

  • Cambridgeshire, Peterborough

Brand Positioning & Discovery Workshops

Before starting to develop a Brand Strategy we began with a number of discovery workshops. Throughout these workshops, we were able to develop a deep understanding of who FlexiLables are and what they stand for. We did this through a range of exercises to determine their values, pain points, customer profiles and positioning as well as analysing  the industry and defining a clear set of goals for the business moving forwards beyond just a new brand. 

During the sessions, we established that there was a gap from where FlexiLabels were positioning themselves with their identity and outward facing communications compared to the services they actually offered. This was confirmed when the customer research that we conducted showed that a lot of existing customers weren’t familiar with the full range of  products and services that FlexiLabels could offer making it clear that we needed to work on how the brand presented itself to inform and excite both new and existing customers.

By focusing on the needs of their customers we could help draw attention to identifying the three key factors that define true brand engagement – Relevancy, Customer Loyalty and all-important Advocacy. From these core factors, we scrutinised and defined an agreed vision statement, mission statement, business goal definition, brand and core values so we could map out the tangible steps needed to optimise FlexiLabels for future growth.

Record improvements with unprecedented revenue and sales:

22 %

Increase Google Ads conversions YoY

64 %

Increase Google Ads ROAS YoY

37 %

Increase Google Ads Conversion Rate YoY

Our PPC Strategy & Management

Flexilabels began working with Brave back in 2021 and looked to us for our core PPC specialist agency focus for paid results after years of running their existing campaigns with a mediocre strategy. During a couple of months of the Coronavirus pandemic, market demand was boosted as people were unable to purchase offline from their regular retailers or supermarkets so online retailers capitalised. Searches online from retailers grew for labels so we quickly rebuilt their campaigns and dialled up an aggressive campaign.

By delivering targeted, specific ads for each product, we could sell to the customer at exactly the right time within their delivery parameters.

Due to a fantastic performance driven during Brave’s first year, Flexilabels were more than happy to continue to commit to Brave’s recommended budget and work with ROAS targets which were carefully calculated and agreed.

Brand Identity

After determining there was a gap between where FlexiLabels were positioned to where they needed to be, our goal was to create a new identity that reflects their high quality products and customer service to help reposition them as the go-to brand for manufacturing and supplying labels.

For the new logo mark, we wanted to avoid obvious cliches and create a memorable mark that stands out from their competitors. We opted for a simple and clean wordmark that has a clever but subtle hint to the industry they work in with the ‘a’ and ‘b’ reflecting how a roll feeds through during the printing process.

To complement the new logo mark, we created a full suite of collateral for the roll out of the rebrand designed to highlight the modern, tech-based and progressive positioning and attract a new calibre type of consumer. This consisted of everything from stationery to staff uniforms to full office and interior signage to ensure every touchpoint was delivering a consistent message. To maintain the brand’s integrity going forwards we have also developed an in-depth set of brand guidelines that cover the brand’s principles as well as how to apply them across a visual design system.   

Best In Class Digital Solution

A key part of this project was elevating FlexiLabels’ digital presence with a bespoke new eCommerce website focussing on making complicated purchases as simple as possible. With so many options of paper types, colours, finishes and more that were all individual for each different product category we had to create bespoke product pages to enable a seamless shopping experience for all customers.  

As well as bespoke product pages we wanted to allow all customers to be able to find the products they were looking for with carefully structured navigation and category set ups. This makes it easy for those shopping by product or printer type as well as use cases and even by industry to help first time buyers see the range of solutions suitable for their needs.

The new site also includes a thorough help centre mixing articles, FAQs and video which allows them to act as industry leaders by showcasing their expertise as well as allowing customers to access help and advice before having to contact a member of staff making it quicker and easier for them to find information as well as allowing the office staff to focus on their roles rather than constantly on the phone supporting customers.

So What's Next for Online Growth?

The overall campaign exceeded expectations and demonstrated the power of our ability to apply our full-service agency approach. With all brand launch objectives firmly in place now, the next stage is to closely monitor the website’s user journey, run CRO audits on a monthly basis, make changes based on data to increase conversion and ultimately sales. Once we know the site is at the optimum conversion rate, we the dial up organic traffic as well as Google Ads.

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