Rebuilding a Drain Supplier’s Paid Ads

EasyMerchant has 50 combined years of experience and expertise and a customer service track record at the highest level within the drainage supplies industry. The Essex-based company had previously been managing their Google Ads account in-house and came to Brave Agency wanting help, advice and support in several areas. This included getting started on Google Shopping, optimising their Google Ads campaigns and taking over its management to drive a higher ROAS and increase revenue across the board.

EasyMerchant were experiencing issues with product feed disapproval and they had been unable to get the ball rolling with Google Shopping Campaigns due to being deprived of free time and a lack of the day-to-day exposure and experience that a dedicated pay-per-click optimisation, or PPC agency, has. This is where our team came in and managed to rework their setup and overhaul the performance of the account.

Expertise Delivered

  • Google Ads Management
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Ad Feed Optimisation

Business Location

  • Northamptonshire

Our Results Exceed

+ 47 %

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

+ 95 %

Conversions via Google Ads

- 30 %

Decrease in Avg CPC

Discovery & Audit Stage

Before taking on the account, we used our PPC audit service to examine their Google Ads account. We discovered several issues with the account that led to wasted ad spend, and a significant number of aspects had not been set up to Google Ads’ best practices. The following are some but not all of the main issues that were highlighted from the PPC audit:

Not utilising extensions; low keyword QS due to poor ad copy and choice of landing page; not utilising dynamic search ads; incorrect shopping feed set-up; Google ads retargeting tag not on site; and not advertising all focus product categories correctly.

Based on our audit, we suggested a complete overhaul and rebuild of the account following Google Ads best practices to help grow the account effectively and achieve the desired ROAS target.


The Campaign Build

Our first plan of action was to rebuild the Google Ads account to allow optimal performance. Doing this gave the perfect set-up to ensure campaign management would be able to work smarter, not harder.

Next, we fixed the Google Product feed and started Google Shopping campaigns as this was the main cause for concern in terms of potential not being capitalised. This would all need to increase revenue while achieving a specified ROAS.

96% CTR Increase and 50% ROAS Increase

By introducing integrated marketing campaigns, we were able to deliver results from key avenues including Google Search, Google Shopping and Facebook Advertising. Bolstering EasyMerchant’s overall visibility across all arms of digital presence helped achieve their desire to increase revenue while achieving a profitable ROAS. They have seen an overall increase in website sales, increasing by 32% since the beginning of our working partnership.

Google Search Campaigns had been the primary focus and revenue driver in the Google Ads account before we took it over, however, during our audit we identified several issues with the setup. Working closely with the client, we created a new account structure which focused on all the target product categories. We created individual campaigns for each target category which allowed us to optimise and manage each campaign at a much more granular level than the previous setup. The new search campaign setup saw the average CTR increase by 96% and ROAS increase by 50%.

30%+ Increase in Google Shopping CTR

Google Shopping was another channel identified that had huge potential for growth for EasyMerchant because customers do not need to be familiar with a brand to click on their shopping link at the top of SERPs. This presents a great opportunity for growing names in the market.

Fixing all the issues with their product feed and using pay-per-click optimisation using was key to aiding CTR and visibility within Google Shopping listings. Additionally, we identified that EasyMerchant had a large number of product reviews that were not being utilised on Google Shopping, and conducted behind-the-scenes work to get a product reviews feed submitted to Google Merchant Centre to allow these reviews to be shown on the Google Shopping Ads. This had an enormous positive impact on the Google Shopping campaigns, increasing CTR by 30%+ & and increasing ROAS by 20%.

20x ROAS Facebook Remarketing

Introducing a New Revenue Stream

Our PPC team identified an opportunity to utilise the Facebook ads platform for remarketing campaigns which EasyMerchant had not previously considered being B2B-focused. We set up a Product Catalogue Dynamic Remarketing campaign which served ads of products that the user had recently viewed or added to their basket within the last 90 days. Using Facebook introduced a new platform to connect with their customers and benefit from another revenue stream outside of Google Ads.

Our Performance

Within the first 6 months alongside EasyMerchant, we exceeded our targets and the client’s expectations, proving our ability in making paid ads accounts agile. Our PPC agency pushed for a continuous test and measure approach and strived for innovation to work towards the best return on investment we can for the client.

Our Results Keep Growing...

+ 96 %

Increase in CTR on Search

20 X

ROAS on Facebook Remarketing

161 %

Increase in Revenue via Google Ads

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