British consumers are increasingly using e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking. Since 2009 vaping sales increased by 75% to £459m, whilst nicotine therapy such as patches and gum is in its first decline since 2008. With spending falling by 3% to £137m – this ends a four-year annual growth.

E-Cigarette Direct (based in Swansea, Wales) approached Brave as they required a Magento partner to help support their drive for growth and domination within this sector. Although a far distance from our head office in Cambridgeshire, with regular teleconferences and live screen share sessions, Brave knew this would not be an issue. They had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and needed our support to get them there – that was the objective.


  • Magento Development
  • Age Verification Implementation
  • Website Design
  • Robust Hosting Support
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
  • Bespoke Plugin Customisation
  • UI/IX Page Manipulation


+ 57 %

Goal completion

+ 292 %


+ 90 %



The inherited Magento website was showing signs of missed opportunities, clearly underperforming. We identified that it was suffering from coding issues and out of date extensions. Brave were brought in by E-Cigarette Direct to audit and review the code, optimise the site’s core code, refine performance, and stabilise the platform throughout. Brave now provide vital ongoing support to E-Cigarette Direct, including the design and development of their e-commerce future plan, whilst as applying conversion optimisation solutions.


+ 48 %


+ 108 %


- 24 %

Cart abandon


Into our third year of working with E-Cigarette Direct, the website has seen a healthy increase in sales and ROI. A responsive design has had a big role to play in increasing conversions and engagement on tablets and smartphones, which shows within the stats. The site appears in a healthy position on Google search engine results for common competitive search terms ensuring visibility is converted into sales. In the SEO stakes, E-Cigarette Direct continues to compete and dominate within this fast-growing industry and shows no sign of dropping.

Going forward, Brave will be working with E-Cigarette Direct to continue supporting them on their upward journey of growth as one of the leading retailers of E-Cigarettes. As their digital partner, we’re always as keen as ever to offer a proactive approach to add tangible driven solutions, improvements and smart tweaks to bring as much ROI as possible.

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