Decreasing Google Ads Cost per Conversion by 70%

Corinthian Sports, a London-based company specialising in exclusive VIP sports hospitality experiences, sought to enhance awareness and generate enquiries for three upcoming sporting events while achieving their sales targets. Faced with tight event deadlines and a competitive landscape, we proposed a proactive Google Ads campaign strategy that ultimately exceeded our client’s expectations.

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  • Google Ads Audit & Strategy
  • Google Ads Management

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  • London

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Google Ads Audit

Before taking on the account, our team conducted a comprehensive audit to assess the existing state of the Google Ads account, identify areas for improvement, and establish performance benchmarks.

We obtained access to the client’s account and meticulously scrutinised campaign performance metrics. This thorough analysis allowed us to pinpoint key areas for enhancement and optimisation. Our findings encompassed budget allocation, keyword selection, ad quality, targeting settings, and bidding strategies.

Following our audit, we recommended a restructuring of the account, aligning it with Google Ads’ best practices. This approach aimed to facilitate efficient account growth while achieving the client’s desired Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) target.

The Challenge & Approach

Corinthian Sports aimed to boost ticket sales for three upcoming events using Google Ads as a means to enhance event visibility and reach a broader audience. The objective was to target potential customers actively searching for similar events, thereby increasing the likelihood of converting these prospects into ticket buyers.

Our strategy revolved around three fundamental areas:

Creating Three New Campaigns

By analysing the demographics and interests of their target audience, we crafted compelling content and utilised strategic ad placement, maximising the campaigns’ impact and engagement.

Proactive Account Optimisation

Our team continuously optimised the campaigns to maximise relevant paid traffic. This involved ongoing adjustments to keywords, ad copy, targeting, and bidding strategies to improve overall campaign performance.

Increasing Ticket Enquiries

Our primary goal was to boost ticket enquiries within the timeframes leading up to the events. This involved strategic bidding and ad placement to capture the attention of potential customers and drive them to take action.

By implementing these strategies, we aimed to elevate Corinthian Sports’ online presence and significantly increase event ticket inquiries, ultimately contributing to the achievement of their sales targets.

The Results

1,000 +


237 k


4 %

Conversion Rate

Our team quickly attained impressive results that surpassed the client's expectations in these new campaigns, and our growth has remained steady. By employing a strategic approach to each campaign and providing dedicated account management, we consistently enhance and drive performance improvements, ensuring that our outcomes consistently align with the client's objectives and timelines.

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