Comparing the best car deals online for over 15 years

Cars2buy was born over 15 years ago with the main purpose of aggregating the very best new car and leasing car prices online, all sourced via the UK’s leading car dealers.  With a database of 3.4 million leasing deals, they’ve continued to help many UK drivers get behind the wheel of their dream car. The UK’s market size, when it comes to Renting and Leasing is worth in excess of £16.3bn which leaves a huge opportunity to continue to steal market share in a space which continues to grow, even through challenging economic challenges.

Competition within the car leasing space in the UK is fiercely aggressive and competitive, with hundreds of businesses all competing for high-quality lead generation, Google SEO rankings and Paid Ads exposure. A strong digital presence is the only way to generate targeted leads by focusing on the audience, its search criteria patterns and habits. That’s when Brave was approached to not only rebrand but reposition its online presence, build out its online platform and introduce an ongoing scale-up strategy to continue gaining market share. We started ith a Brand first process which ends and continues thereafter with results…

Expertise Delivered

  • Branding
  • Wireframing, UX/UI Web Design
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)
  • Enterprise WordPress Development
  • SEO, Social Media & PPC Google Ads

Business Location

  • London

Organic SEO Growth Results YoY

+ 35.9 %

Increase in Organic Users

+ 7 %

Increase in Organic Sessions

+ 950

Increase in Keywords on P1

57.2% increase in SEO keywords on page #1 Y2D

Initially, moving through the gears of SEO for Cars 2 Buy would start with our proven process, a gap was initiated to review keywords vs their competitor’s rankings which all needed to be optimised with the content creation strategy in mind. Personas always need to be targeted, whilst content pillar tactics are meticulously reviewed to utilise a keyword cluster strategy. This, once identified means we could begin the technical process needed to kickstart our journey to reach strong organic SEO growth.  So far, a 57.2% increase in SEO keywords on page #1 year to date is certainly not to be sniffed at.

Our Approach to Content Marketing

We began by restructuring the entire website to provide a better categorisation for content services and data endpoints (what the user needed). We made sure we could plan and build out wireframed architecture for all caetrgiry portals entry points, giving the benefit to rank for all car lease deals car, make and model terms.

By strategising with our internal content marketing team, we went on to identify topicals, carry out competitor analysis and create best-in-class SEO-rich content. From there, we were able to promote this content to attract and build out a concise backlink strategy. Evergreen content also came into the mix to attract links over long periods with the addition of short-tail and sky-scraper articles to gain visibility over time for Google Quick Answers/Position Zero SEO.

Brand through to Journey Conversion and CRO

First, we looked at the B2C Strategy which focused on the main aim of attracting users who had already researched car leasing and already knew which car type and contract length they required. This allowed us to review how the only sales process and journey needed to refine to increase the sale conversion rate. From a B2B Strategy, we knew we needed to promote the benefits of leasing for businesses in particular and start a conversation with dealers in particular via various touchpoints.

After this phase was established, we could review the brand positioning for both audience initiatives, review the tone of voice and the individual propositions to make sure the engagement when we were ready to drive content-led traffic would convert at a high enough rate.  CRO also plays a major part in our SEO tactics on a month-by-month basis, reviewing A/B split test recommendations which are led purely via a deep dive into the data…

CRO Led Success

+ 28 %

Overall conversion

+ 8.5 %

Increase in leads

+ 17.3 %

Increase in Lease Applications

Combining our UX, Marketing and Development Team

We also advised and rebuilt key entry landing page templates to incorporate structured content, whilst building out a detailed structure for internal linking between editorial content and commercial sales drive deals content. We went further in the early stages of the strategy to work on reclaimed broken links to leverage value, collaborating with our own development team to plan and move to a new laravel framework platform which was scope to incorporate as many SEO feature-rich content management features as possible. Having all team, Marketing UX Creative and Development in one agency made a huge difference when it came to pushing the features to their maximum and maximising performance.

Streamlined Sophisticated & Clean

Capturing the essence of the brand in a way which needed to be simple.  This was key, but also building a website that made the customer experience faster, even better; simple and intuitive ways to navigate and present the results were vital when dealing with vehicle info, deals, payments, timeframes delivery data and more… The site’s layouts and typography was considered in a way which could best reflect the product range and features and functions that made purchasing/enquiring effortless.

Our design team worked closely with our CRO team to develop a simple-to-use site structure, where customers intuitively could browse a wide variety of car make, modules, types and prices from a vast array of criteria to find the best deal at that time in real-time. These features, combined with clear navigation and easy enquiry, make for a high-converting site.


As an online aggregator of vehicle deals, it was key that the website had the capability to deliver customers the most accurate up to date prices, deals and supporting data sets. Vehicle data integration was implemented and this needed to be at speed – as an enterprise-level system for national UK customers, our build allowed for a fluid stream of data updates and front-end delivery from a user’s perspective. Slow would mean going to another website and we didn’t have this as an option which is why our database developers were keen to optimise the client’s vehicle data whilst matching up the relevant dealer network’s latest offers.

The end result is an online parallel between a best class experience, precision data and quality delivery of information which was both presented in a clean and accurate format.

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