Annabelles, an independent sandwich store had ambitions of growth to secure its position within the busy bustling town of Cambridge. In order to do this, the company realised it needed to redevelop a strong brand strategy and in turn understand its marketplace a little better. They were looking for a Branding agency and Brave were contacted and brought in to review every touchpoint and work closely to define the basis of a trustworthy presence with its brand. A core strategy needed to be created with the aim of communicating the values to a defined target audience through a carefully selected typographical, visual and written messaging.

The renaming of the company was a challenge, we had to make sure that we found something memorable, catchy, meaningful while remaining approachable and friendly.

Expertise Delivered:

  • Company Swot Analysis
  • Competitor Gap Analysis & Research
  • Positioning and brand definition
  • Name & Brand Identity
  • Logo Design & Refinement
  • Brand Guidelines

Our Research

The research undertaken needed to clearly translate to the ideal customer persona that shared the same values as Annabelles. As humans, we buy from people we like, from brands we connect with that stem from aligned values – therefore our aim was to guide the buying decision on an emotional level by provoking a positive, caring and nurturing response.

We analysed the competition, both local and national, independents and corporate, looking at a range of offerings to suit lifestyle, budget, tastes and values. This provided us valuable insight into the marketplace and what we were up against to help our client stand out.

Next up was to ask the audience their opinion, ensuring that we were capitalising on the environment: what did they like about Annabelles? What did they think could be improved? What drove their buying decisions? With this information, coupled with that gathered from the competition, we were armed to present this to the client and perform a SWOT analysis on the existing proposition.

Brand Strategy

The data indicated that we needed to take inspiration from the geo-location of the business (Cambridge), bring in an artisan feel and ensure that the brand represented words/thoughts such as Honest, Handmade, Personal, Independent and Fresh. The name itself, Manger To Go (pronounced “Mon-jer To Go”) derived from the solid market research, told us that the target market liked the quality, taste and speed that Annabelles gave them – our play on this was the natural association with France’s love of food. Breaking it down, Manger = eat, To Go = pick up quickly and leave. This was brought down to earth with a visual chalkboard execution to reinforce the independent, honest quality ingredients that everyone loved and wanted. It battles the big boys head on, appealing to the consumer by creating character – character that aligned to great childlike memories in home cooked, tasty, great food…and who doesn’t like a generous, tasty handmade sandwich.? …it’s the foundation of British lunches as we know it!


We created full brand guidelines so that the newly created brand essence could be communicated clearly and consistently – employees knew their values, they knew what was expected of them and how to make their customers happy. The proposition could now be rolled out and taken confidently to pursue further opportunities to further expand the business. Cambridge Walk-in Consumers identified with the now clear message, it spoke to them and footfall increased. Businesses loved the proposition and deliveries into commercial areas have risen steadily…word gets around!

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