When we were asked to provide an e-commerce platform for 450 staff at Booking.com HQ in Cambridge, so that they could order their daily lunch online from their desks, we relished the challenge!

Brave were approached by a local Cambridge store owner from Manger To Go. Knowing he could provide local freshly made lunches directly to their desk, he wanted to fulfil the orders, coming to us to build a streamlined digital order process. We couldn’t wait to get our teeth sunk into such an exciting opportunity to impress upon one of the largest online success stories on the planet.

Since July 2013, our e-commerce solution has delivered a total of over 300,000 lunch orders, with around 450 newly released lunch choices.

Services Supplied

  • Booking.com Branded Store
  • 300,000 Lunches Processed
  • 450+ Lunch Orders Delivered Daily
  • Bespoke Magento Development
  • Optimised Hosting for ‘rush hour’
  • Bespoke Reporting


After lots of dialogue with Manger To Go, we established that if the project took off and was as much a success as we all hoped, it would require a robust strategy. Although the project was for local food retailer Manger To Go, it was Brave that recommended the idea of using the Booking.com branding (with permission of course). It’s because of this that employees felt that the lunch delivery service belonged to them and was a service provided by the company.

Booking.com were keen to make sure that the service was actually perceived as valuable by their employees – they wanted to make sure it was used. Being a call centre, they were keen to encourage more employee interaction at lunch times and so offering subsidised lunch at employees desks seemed like a no brainer.


In summary, we turned this project around very, very quickly. Within the first few days and due to incredible demand and take up by the staff of Booking.com, we were forced to upgrade the hosting to a more powerful server. Since then, the website has remained solid and stable – not a day has gone by in 3 years where staff at Booking.com have gone without their free lunch.

All in all, this project has been a resounding success for Manger To Go our client and Booking.com

This is one of the showcase Magento case studies which we are probably most proud of because it demonstrates clear thinking creatively, brilliant execution, and technical robustness. The results are overwhelming, both in terms of what we all set out to achieve, but also financially for our client.


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