Upgrading a World-Class Performance Exhaust System

Armytrix is the most advanced exhaust system technology around, based on Valvetronic performance, German and Japanese engineers and progressive manufacturing. They are arguably the best out there in terms of high-end performance exhaust systems in the automotive aftermarket industry today. Their combination of full systems covers anything from BMW to Audi through to Lamborghini at the upper end of the scale.

Armytrix’s UK distributor partnered with Brave’s web design and development team to develop an eCommerce interface for users who are making a considered choice. Their product line is regularly valued at over £3000, making it a borderline luxury eCommerce store, so our brief was to sell the brand and product dream on first impression. The ambition was to make the product information, data and specification accessible for the cross-referencing between the user’s vehicle and the product fitment itself.

Expertise Delivered

  • Wireframing, UX/UI Web Design
  • Enterprise WooCommerce Development
  • SEO
  • Social Media Ads
  • PPC Google Ads

Business Location

  • Leeds

PPC Campaign Success Results

+ 47 %

in Paid Leads

+ 60.2 %

Paid Revenue

500 K

Impressions in Month 1

Brave’s Brief

Our brief was to design and build a bespoke WooCommerce website with high-fidelity design solutions that provide a slick user purchase flow. After reviewing detailed brand guidelines from Armytrix Head Office in Taiwan, we crafted a custom theme with unique animation and UI features that bring a sense of cutting-edge performance to the online experience. Essentially, it matched their product range and symbolised master craftsmanship and engineering.

As with any web project, the first stages involved face-to-face kick-off meetings. We aren’t limited by location most of the time, but we do believe it is vital to make physical contact with the clients and begin conversations in person. We spent quality time scoping out the project to gain a thorough understanding of all technical requirements and design desires.

Then, a technical scope-of-work specification and design brief was finalised and agreed upon with the client. This was fundamental for providing the basis for any web project, as they give us clear objectives to work towards for full clarity and allows us to work to specific criteria.

Building a Bespoke eCommerce Solution

For Brave, wireframes are the first step of the creative process. We must communicate a skeletal framework to the client in the early stages so that the full website designs are as solid as possible to UX principles. All required features are present and visualised at this stage so there is no ambiguity for both the design team and the client.

Once wireframes are signed off, we created a series of design options for the homepage, category and product pages along with several key content sub-pages too. These were all formatted for both desktop and mobile with a strong consideration of content swap aspects from a responsive device point of view.

All designs are put through a revision process using Adobe XD, which allowed the client to feedback on the look, feel and overall aesthetics of the concepts we have assembled. Additionally, the design team include as many motion graphic animations as they see fit within the prototypes so the client gets an accurate feel of the live website as possible.

Brand First

Web Development Build

With the client’s approval and agreement on the UX and UI designs, we then moved the project into the development build stage. We opted to use WooCommerce as the eCommerce platform as the service provides the best customisation with no tied-in SaaS fees.

As with any build of this nature, the task required some manual input from a product content point of view, but we responded with features that give the client a quick product population process. We worked with the client on a mass CSV upload, and we were able to follow this up and add the correct attributes to any products that weren’t 100% accurate. Finally, we worked closely with the client on the product filtering process, a hugely important requirement of the project which demanded extensive QA testing.

Website Launch

The new site was launched with all the main features detailed in the scope of work, and from there, we closely monitored the site’s performance and user interaction and conversion. We are also an SEO agency, and thus tracking was implemented to ensure both our SEO, CRO team and design team knew that their direction was fulfilling the desired usability spec.

Many of the following features made it to the initial phase one stage on launch:

➔ Visually stunning responsive design
➔ WooCommerce store build
➔ WooCommerce Rapid Content Creation
➔ WooCommerce Live data feed/inventory API
➔ European Shipping Integration
➔ Email Automation/funnel Marketing
➔ WooCommerce CSV Export
➔ WooCommerce Custom Status
➔ WooCommerce Follow-Up Emails
➔ WooCommerce Subscribe system

From start to finish, the entire project took around 4 months.

Post-Launch Reflection

With our proven enterprise cases, unparalleled flexibility, and ability to make new features easy to use, the Brave Agency WooCommerce development team were the perfect fit to power Armytrix’s brief. Armytrix wanted an eCommerce solution and service that could supply a multitude of markets, locales and currencies, and they were given exactly that.

WooCommerce was the ultimate building foundation for this project. Powering 20% of the 1 million largest online stores worldwide, the plug-in integrates seamlessly with WordPress to deliver a fluid shopping experience with the aid of a quality web design and SEO agency such as Brave.

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