Mouthguard Amazon Seller Boosts Sales Fast

Market disruptor Dr Knox Mouthguards is in the business of keeping children and adults safe during sports activity, strengthening its brand reputation as it grows on Amazon. To help them continue providing quality products to parents, sports enthusiasts, sports clubs and schools, Dr Knox chose Brave due to our experience as an Amazon Ads Agency and offer a transparent and honest approach.

With strong competition in their category, Dr Knox is amongst fierce competition and came to Brave with an objective to boost sales by overhauling their Amazon campaign structure, listing content and becoming more active with advertising and promotion on Amazon. We rebuilt and we were able to improve their campaign to deliver better conversions, reduce the average cost per client and deliver a healthier conversion rate overall.

Amazon Ads Agency Services

  • Amazon Sponsored Product ads
  • Amazon Brands ads
  • Amazon Product Display

Business Locations

  • Global

Amazon Ads Campaign Rebuild

42 %

Reduction in Average CPC Month on Month

36 %

Increase in Conversions Month on Month

22 %

Increase in Conversion Rate Month on Month

Brave Agency; A Trusted Amazon Ads Agency Achieves Fast Results

Dr. Knox understood the significance of growing their primary revenue stream to maximise the potential of the business and expand into other channels. Despite the company’s limited success on Amazon, they found navigating the intricacies of the platform challenging and time-consuming and were unable to achieve the desired return on investment.

However, they recognised the crucial role Amazon would play when run correctly in achieving their goals, and so sought a reliable Amazon Ads Agency partner. They were looking for a transparent and trustworthy partner, with evidence of delivering results, and a straightforward plan for substantial growth.

The main focus was to enhance their Amazon listings, optimise their Amazon paid media strategy, and drive organic sales growth fast.

That’s why they chose Brave Agency as their Amazon Ads Agency. During the pitch process, we stood out among other agencies by providing direct, straightforward answers on what works (and what doesn’t) on Amazon, and presenting a realistic and achievable growth plan. This approach resonated with Dr. Knox, and we quickly got to work.

Responsive, knowledgeable and proactive

“Navigating Amazon would have been a real challenge for us without your support, as busy business owners, we simply didn’t have the time to deal with the intricacies of the platform.”

Our Approach as an Amazon Ads Agency

When starting with a new client, we make it a priority to gain a thorough understanding of their business, products, customers and goals. We assign a dedicated account manager who is always responsive, and proactive and keeps the client informed of progress and plans for achieving results and growth.

Excellent communication is a cornerstone of our agency’s approach, and we are always available to address any concerns, fostering a strong working relationship. We place great emphasis on detail and transparency throughout the partnership, providing transparent reports that give an accurate picture of the client’s performance across the entire Amazon landscape with no ambiguity. If it’s working we present this, if it’s not, we present this and the action plan to rectify it.

As a full-service Amazon Ads Agency, we empower our clients like Dr Knox with the peace of mind that everything is handled expertly and progressing at the right pace.

Project Campaign Goals

We’re obsessed with driving sales and optimising online presence for maximum impact. Our approach is as a partner – if we don’t deliver, then there is no growth for our clients or us as an Amazon Ads Agency Partner. That’s why we’re implementing a comprehensive strategy for Wheels Motorcycles to boost website performance, utilising both paid advertising and organic search traffic. With a focus on delivering both short-term revenue growth and long-term online benefits, we’re poised to take their market share to the next level.



What Did We Do? And How?

We created and put into action a well-structured Amazon advertising plan driven by processes. This approach helps us reach our goals by methodically executing ad initiatives. The processes direct our team’s efforts towards delivering monthly results, raising product awareness and securing a larger share of the market. An advertising plan is a straightforward yet powerful tool!

To optimise the account, we conducted a thorough analysis of real data. This deep dive allowed us to add structure to each account and make necessary optimisations. Leveraging our findings on what has worked previously and what hasn’t, we restructured campaigns with a focus on maximising Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) through targeted keyword and product combinations.

Amazon Advertising Strategy Focuses

  • Boost Brand Awareness
  • Centre on Product Earnings
  • Implement Negative Keywords and Phrases
  • Establish Automated Targeting
  • Aim for Appropriate Categories for Sponsored Products
  • Make the Most of Match Types
  • Align Bids for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Utilise Sponsored Display Ads
  • Discontinue Unproductive Ad Campaigns

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