With offices in Cambridge, Brave Agency is an integrated Digital Marketing and Website Development agency centred on value, growth and success for your business. Whether you want to overhaul your current branding, completely redesign your website, or require ongoing marketing assistance, we offer a premium service that delivers concrete results through our systematic approach to strategy and implementation.

Nestled in the well-regarded city of Cambridge in the East Midlands, Brave has successfully worked with a range of local, regional and nationwide clients over the past 17 years, achieving excellent results that have transformed their business landscape.

Website Development & Web Design In Cambridge

Initially established in the year 2000, Brave have had the ability to work on and develop an abundance of unique websites for a variety of industries, trades and specialists services. We are constantly revolutionising our process, ensuring we are keeping up with the fast pace industry that website development is, guaranteeing that we are meeting the latest trends and best practice resulting in smart, robust and pleasing to the eye websites.

We take on each website design project with an agile and comprehensive approach, ensuring that we take careful consideration and attention towards the effectiveness of your site in terms of delivering results for your business. With this approach we have managed to build an impressive list of very happy clients in and around Cambridge, this is something we are incredibly proud of.

E-commerce Development – Building rigid and robust online stores

It takes a great deal of time and dedication to be able to roll out multi-functional e-commerce platforms and websites, Brave have the expertise and appetite to facilitate fully responsive, high-end and powerful e-commerce websites.

From well known open source integrations such as BrightPearl, Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce all the way through to bespoke development, we’ve developed a whole range of sites. We’ve an expanding portfolio of 100’s of site for all manner of businesses and business sizes.

Not content with the initial design and development, we offer continued support through the launch of tailored marketing campaigns and solutions to take your site to the next level. With a fully experienced team at your disposal, your e-commerce site will continue to thrive and achieve high conversion rates. Our trusted service has meant we continue to support many sites for long periods of time, a measurement of our dedicated approach to e-commerce development.

‘Lead Generation’ sites – getting your important leads!

Your website has become one of, if not the most important factor in modern day customer acquisition, if utilised effectively then online lead generation can completely transform your overall combined lead generation strategy that keeps you in front of customers at all hours of the day.

The functionality and performance of these sites are critical to backing up the service that is required. All around Cambridge we have many perfect examples of businesses that have received leads through our generation website. As a result many have seen increases in visibility within their sector, resulting in more valuable leads that result in more sales.

Search Engine Optimisation and PPC

SEO – For many years it was something that only a few professionals had a real grasp of. Over the years it has evolved the digital environment massively to a completely different landscape today than it was even 5 years ago. Businesses who did not adapt were routinely wiped out and those who did adapt reached levels like they had never imagined.

As an SEO agency, Brave’s approach to Cambridge marketing, including local and wider reaching SEO, is one that delivers incredible and impressive results, engagement and traffic to websites. Our SEO experts work to make your sales funnel as efficient as possible, giving you high quality traffic resulting in higher conversion statistics and increased engagement levels.

Brave has a great deal of experience creating and managing SEO strategy and PPC campaigns to companies of all trades and operational sizes; from localised Cambridge family run companies all the way through to SME’s such as ECigarette Direct and Harrowden Turf.

We take this to heart with our paid for advertising (PPC) campaigns too!

Pay Per Click (PPC) has revolutionised how we interact with search results that are presented to us. With strategically built campaigns and tweaks over the course of the campaign, so you’re in safe hands.

So if you’re looking for a Cambridge based marketing and design agency, why not drop us a line!

Marketing in Cambridge… And beyond!

Marketing has grown incredibly over the last few years, the digital revolution has brought about wholesale changes across the industry and has brought about new methods for us marketers to take advantage of, it has even had a substantial effect on offline marketing channels.

Embracing these changes and constantly staying up to date with the effects of the latest updates has allowed Brave Agency to not only move along with the times, but also innovate to ensure we are offering our clients work that is as good as it can be.

The team we have constantly aims for refinement and challenges the way in which we achieve results for businesses. This approach to our work has helped us establish numerous clients in the Cambridge and Cambridge region. We also include companies like ECigarette Direct, Hako Machines, Harrowden Turf, LK Performance and BBC WorldWide among our client list.

Why Cambridge?

With an approximate population of 123,867, Cambridge is enjoying a period of growth, business success and of course historical importance. A constantly developing town with traditional values it easy to see why it has attracted many people to do business in the town.

Brave chose Cambridge for its rich history, Entrepreneurial society, forward thinking enterprise and of course connection to other major cities such as Peterborough, Northampton, Birmingham and London

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