How Brands Are Investing In The Developers and Coders of the Future

Technology is already such a big part of our everyday lives, and will certainly continue to be for generations to come, with that being said, it seems like everyone is rushing to get the next generation technology savvy and ready for the future. Two large corporations have already begun to contribute their part in investing in technology through children.

The BBC, with their ambitious plan to make and distribute to a million school children a MicroBit – a tiny device designed to inspire them to get coding. Whilst EE, (a Wembley stadium sponsor) are working on launching their ‘Light the Arch’ initiative in collaboration with the educational technology charity  Apps for Good, to teach 7-11 year olds the principles of coding.


The tiny MicroBit device can be plugged into any computer and programmed to do all sorts of cool stuff, changing the way that children learn and engage with technology. But it can also be used in homemade wearable tech devices amongst other projects.

Some, who had early access to the MicroBit, have already come up with amazing projects:

Light The Arch

EEs initiative offers school children the exciting chance to produce a light show, using the app, for the Wembley Arch. The children are encouraged to use the app in the classroom and at home and, all those who create a design will then receive a video of their light show to share with friends and family.

There was also an opportunity for the children to submit their design, which a selection was then randomly chosen to appear on the arch after the final whistle of England’s match against the Netherlands – there will, however, be further opportunities later on in the year for more users of the app to have their light show appear on the Wembley Arch.

The Managing Director of Digital Communications and Innovation, Max Taylor said: “EE’s partnership with Wembley has just entered its third year and this feels like a fantastic opportunity to give something back”

The app features a choice of 60 colours and eight patterns such as ‘clap, weep, twinkle and rainbow’ to play with. And EE has already pledged to get a least 100,000 people using it by the end of the year.

These initiatives are great for young children to get excited and inspired about coding. Who knows, they could inspire the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and build something great.


Written byTony Conte

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