Big Brands Are Choosing Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise Edition has become a massively popular eCommerce platform amongst both regular users and developers. Among the 200,000+ users, some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands can be found.

There are many reasons such established and trusted brands choose to trust their eCommerce operations to Magento Enterprise Edition. For one thing, Magento Enterprise is fully customisable in terms of look, feel and functionality. This is a vital feature for brands with a unique personality that is known and trusted by their customers. It allows them to personalise the eCommerce platform to fit their brand identity, and mesh seamlessly with the rest of their online presence. Magento Enterprise is also well-equipped to aid and accommodate business growth.

It has a complete revenue-boosting toolset, and is fully scalable to handle increasing traffic and product catalogues. The vast feature set of Magento Enterprise is also complemented by a huge library of extensions. This means that any needed features that aren’t included as standard can probably be found and added.

Among the brands that rely on Magento Enterprise Edition for their eCommerce operations are:

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada are a high-quality brewery located in California, founded in 1979. It started small, with a shop selling home- beer. Today, they supply shops and bars with twenty different varieties of beer including one that is still closely based on their original home-brew recipe. Thanks to Magento Enterprise, they also have an online gift shop selling a wide range of goods that bear their brand. This includes clothes, barware such as coasters and bottle openers, and even dog treats.


Without doubt, Nike is one of the best-known and most popular sportswear brands on Earth. Their famous tick logo is also one of the most famous and instantly recognisable emblems. Through their sleek, modern, magento-powered webstore, they offer their full range of products. Clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for men, women, and children are all available, and easy to find with options to search by a variety of criteria such as colour, sport and size.


Since starting in 1845 as a small father-son partnership, Lindt has become a well-known manufacturer of luxurious chocolate. Their products are sold in over 100 countries, as well as through their international online shop. Their eCommerce store can be browsed in several differntl languages, and has a design that conveys the luxury of their products. It sells chocolate gifts, seasonal treats, and a range of other products to customers around the world.


Zumiez supply all kinds of gear to skaters, both in physical stores across the USA and internationally through their eCommerce site. Their online shop supplies a huge range of items and equipment from an equally wide variety of brands. Skateboards and parts, shoes, all kinds of clothing for both genders, and a wide range of accessories all form part of the massive range they offer. All this was achieved through expert use of Magento Enterprise Edition.

Crumbs Bake Shop

It’s not often you can buy food online, but Crumbs Bake Shop maintain a unique webstore which offers local cupcake delivery to 13 US states. Started in 2003 in Manhattan, their physical stores offer more than 50 varieties of traditional and elaborate cupcakes. Thanks to their tantalising eCommerce store, built through Magento Enterprise, many of their fans can now access much of this range online and order them like any other eCommerce product. This includes “Colossal” cupcakes, gigantic treats which can serve 6-8 people.


Behr are a supplier of household paints in the US, and maintain a friendly, feature-packed webstore through Magento Enterprise. As well as selling their range of paints and colour samples, this online shop offers customers a range of useful and informative extras. These tools are all designed to help consumers pick the right colour and plan their home-decorating projects, making it easier for them to decide what they want, find the right products, and use their purchases effectively.


OMG supply a range of jeans for men, women and children. Built with Magento Enterprise, their online shop has a clean, simple design and allows customers to easily browse their range of products. They also offer bags, hats, and other miscellaneous items and offer a sale section. A straightforward but highly effective store, they offer customers a range of search and sorting options.

Relax the Back

Through their colourful eCommerce site, Relax the Back offer a broad range of products designed for those experiencing back and neck pain. In pride of place are beds and a range of home and office chairs, all designed for comfort and to promote back and neck health. They also offer a range pf exercise and therapy equipment, massagers, and support cushions. Through Magento Enterprise, all this is tidily incorporated into their online shop, and meshes seamlessly with information about various back issues.

Bing Lee

Bing Lee specialise in selling electronics and household appliances. Their range covers everything from food mixers to televisions to the latest computers and tablets. Their modern, highly visual Magento Enterprise store incorporates a vast range of products in a number of different categories, in a way that makes browsing both easy and natural. It also provides a range of search and sorting functions, making it easy for users to tackle the vast range and quickly find their way to the right products.


NAF NAF Paris offer a range of glamorous fashion to both women and children. Through Magento Enterprise Edition, their online shop showcases their latest collections and makes them easily available online. This is designed to fit seamlessly into the rest of their website. It meshes perfectly with pages that give information about their history, vision, and company model. Magento Enterprise has allowed these different elements to be smoothly blended in a website full of brand character.


OfficeMax is an Australian stationary and office supplies company, catering to both websites and schools. They are also a brand known for being environmentally responsible. They have earned accreditation and won awards from a number of respected environmental bodies such as the Forestry Stewardship Commission and Ethisphere. Their website gives extensive information about the company and showcases their achievements, and thanks to Magento Enterprise Edition they have been able to smoothly incorporate an eCommerce section. This offers everything you would expect an office to need, including bulk tea and coffee.

Paul Smith

One of the most highly respected fashion brands, Paul Smith offers a range of acclaimed and stylish apparel. With products aimed at true fashion enthusiasts who want the latest styles and best quality, they need an eCommerce platform that is smooth, professional, and ready to impress. Through Magento Enterprise, their men’s women’s and childrenswear are beautifully showcased in a store which has a clean, minimalist design but high level of functionality.


FLOR are a truly unique and innovative flooring supplier. They offer a range of carpet design squares, which can be assembled in any combination the buyer chooses. It is possible to create a carpet or rug in a simple single colour or one of the fantastic patterns they offer. Equally, different colours and patterns can be combined to create a unique, personalised floor based on the buyers taste. Their store, powered by Magento Enterprise, captures the company’s innovative spirit and makes it easy for buyers to browse and compare the different styles of carpet square.

Fiji Water

Fiji Water are one of the most distinctive eCommerce destinations on the web. Their online store sells bottled water, which is available for direct delivery just like any of the products more commonly bought online. They offer one-time deliveries or a range of subscription packages. With Magento Enterprise, their site is able not just to incorporate their products but the range of purchase and subscription options in a simple, user-friendly way.

City Chic

City Chic are an exciting and stylish fashion brand, specialising in products for plus-size women. Selling only sizes 14+ (US), their product range covers just about every kind of womenswear imaginable. Their modern, glamorous Magento Enterprise webstore offers tops, bottoms, dresses, lingerie and an awful lot more besides. This product range is certainly vast, but it has been made manageable through their Magento-designed website. The result is an attractive, easily browsed website that welcomes all visitors.

As the name implies, provide an extensive range of tools and hardware for both consumer and trade markets, as well as a lot of other items. As well as home and garden tools, they also sell automotive parts, outdoor and camping equipment, and electronics such as surveillance cameras. This large and varied selection of products is expertly showcased by their Magento Enterprise webstore, and the storefront also highlights popular products and partner businesses.

Zadig & Voltaire

A fantastic French fashion brand, Zadig and Voltaire offers high-quality apparel on the cutting edge of style. They have collections for adults and children of both genders, which are available internationally from their modern and stylish website. Through Magento Enterprise, they are able to have a storefront which perfectly fits their brand essence, and is just as up-to-date as their products. It is also a user-friendly site which does an excellent job of showcasing their products to potential buyers.


A shoe brand with a conscience, TOMS is founded on a truly unique idea. It started when a traveller from the US found that Argentinean children often had to go without shoes to protect their feet. This led him to found a shoe company with a difference. For every single pair of shoes purchased from TOMS, another pair is donated to a child in need. These shoes are easily available online. Built with Magento Enterprise Edition, their shop seamlessly combines great design, an easily-browsed product range, and a wealth of information about the company and the concept behind it.

Smiley Cookie

Smiley Cookie are an interesting company, named after the products they sell. Through their bright and cheerful online shop, they sell cookies to order, iced with a range of smiley faces. As well as their standard items, they offer a wide range of cookies for different occasions. Their online store even includes a “Create Your Own” section, an interactive tool that lets customise a cookie to order with their choice of shape and icing. All these sections and features are smoothly incorporated into a simple store through Magento Enterprise.


Nespresso, a well-known coffee brand from Nestle, offer a range of espressos, espresso machines, and accessories. Coffees that boast a range of different types, blends, and origins are available to order by bulk, as well as individual machines. Their eCommerce store has a simple look which belies the advanced features. It is designed in a way that allows customers to compile an order containing different quantities of various coffees quickly and easily on a single page. As for the visuals, Magento Enterprise has been used to create a site that looks simple, but is still an attractive and welcoming page that perfectly suits their brand ethos.


Pentel is an American stationary company offering a range of pens, pencils, and refills. Their eCommerce site is sleek, smart, and professional, as well as being simple and straightforward to use. The design of their site also encompasses pages that contain company information, and these are flawlessly incorporated alongside the products. This is a shop that makes full use of the versatility and features that Magento Enterprise can offer.


Kookai is an exciting women’s fashion brand with an ultra-modern Magento-driven website available in three languages. An extremely visual site, it allows users to browse their entire collection from a single, highly-interactive page. Users can view small item pictures, zoom in on particular areas, and set a huge full-screen image as the page background for a closer look. All this is done without interrupting the browsing experience, with all options remaining visible for quick and easy selection.


Oneida specialise in supplying cookware, cutlery, and kitchen equipment. Based on Magento Enterprise Edition, their webstore is highly image-based for a very eye-catching and attractive design. The storefront showcases their items wonderfully to people who land on the page with a range of images and announcements. A very wide range of products are made manageable by innovative use of category sorting. Their range is condensed into just three main categories – Dining, Food Preparation, and Storage – then organised by subcategories so that customers can zero in on more specific interests.

Franklin Sports

The sleek Magento Enterprise storefront of Franklin Sports offers a wide range of sporting equipment and clothing. Customers can view items from a range of categories, such as sport or licensing. The design of the store is simple, yet perfectly captures the essence of their brand and the sport industry. Plenty of images help catch the eye and show off the pick of their products to customers.


One of the best-known technology brands in the world, Olympus are most famous for their digital cameras and lenses. They also sell high-quality voice recorders, binoculars based on the same advanced optical technology as their camera lenses, and a range of accessories such as memory cards and camera bags. With Magento Enterprise Edition, they have crafted an online store as modern as their products. It showcases both the items for sale and the wonderful pictures you can take with their cameras.


Eastwood is a specialist company providing vehicle body repair tools and supplies. These include welding gear, paint, rust removers, and a variety of other tools and equipment. A simple but professional Magento Enterprise-based webstore showcases their products on the homepage and gives customers easy access to all categories and subcategories. Their brand essence and the spirit of their industry is encapsulated in the customised design, presenting a recognisable brand face to customers.


Fun4Kids sell a range of products that, quite simply, help kids to have fun. Trampolines, bikes, scooters, and even bouncy castles can all be found in their online shop. Magento Enterprise has allowed a variety of products to be handled, and a custom design to be implemented that combines their unique brand with a sense of childlike fun and excitement.


A highly specialist retailer, Giro provide cycling products and snow gear for both genders. Some of their main products include cycling helmets, gloves and shoes along with snow helmets and goggles. The structure of their website is simple yet practical, with two main categories and easily-browsed subcategory menus. This simple structure has been wedded to a visual feast of a design, packed with outdoorsy elements and attractive images.


Vizio is a successful American HDTV company, and they also provide a range of other electronics products such as home audio equipment and PCs. They are based in California, and provide their full range of products through an eCommerce store expertly created through Magenta Enterprise Edition. As a technology company, their shop is up-to-date and highly functional in order to create the right impression. Products for sale mingle effortlessly with informative pages for a smooth user experience.


Kaiser+Kraft is known internationally one of the leading suppliers of business equipment. They provide a wide range of office and industrial products, from cleaning equipment and machinery to office chairs and stationary. Through Magento Enterprise, they are able to have an eCommerce site that effortlessly juggles the wide range of products and their need to target multiple markets. People who land on the site can quickly find the section they need whether they want a sweeping machine or filing cabinet.

Blu Dot

Blu Dot provides stylish, modern, high-quality furniture and homeware. Beds, seating, shelving, and lighting are all prominent product categories. Likewise, their webstore is extremely styish, with a sleek and current feel. Large images serve both to show off the products to the height of their potential and clearly flag links to different sections. Visitors to their online shop are left in no doubt this is a brand that can be trusted when it comes to home décor.

Right Start

Selling all kinds of baby products, this is a company trusted by many parents to help ensure their children’s lives get the Right Start. A simple textual toolbar and a more visual list of categories on the homepage help users to browse easily and in the way they find most comfortable. Visually, the shop has been customised with the kind of design you could use as inspiration for a new baby’s bedroom, providing a perfect complement to their products and an unforgettable mark of their brand.


Mikimoto sell wonderful, high-class pearl jewellery. They stock a massive range of styles, both classic and modern, and users can browse by jewellery type, pearl type, or collection. They boast a particularly unique eCommerce site, thanks to the extensive room Magento leaves for customisation. Structure and menus are simple but elegant, while the individual pages balance a clean design with highly impactful images.

Baby First

Baby First offer a range of baby products through their shop. With a bright, cheerful, playful design, visitors get an immediate sense of both their own brand identity and the wider ethos of their industry. Products such as DVDs, gifts, and toys can be easily browsed, and a collection of product visuals on the homepage display their best items to potential buyers while complementing the overall liveliness of their shop’s design.


Bloom is a comprehensive and exciting beauty destination. Aside from products, their site offers images for inspiration, information on professionals, and user lookbooks. All these diverse elements are smoothly combined through careful design using Magento Enterprise Edition. A very visual site, each page is packed with photos of every kind, giving visitors an endless source of beauty ideas and eyecatching links to sections that might interest them.

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot are a great fashion destination specialising in jewellery and bags. They also provide a few other accessory items such as scarves. They have a unique Magento-powered online shop, which perfectly captures their unique personality. The site design is modern and simple, yet like their products is also elegant and attractive. Users will find it a pleasure to browse their range, or move smoothly into less commercial and more informative sections of the site.

Maui Jim

Maui Jim is a designer of fashionable sunglasses for both genders. Their online shop is highly visual, allowing users to see the world through their eyes with beautiful images and a world of colour. Simple yet modern-looking menus and a very wide range of categories and product sorting options allow users to easily browse the products while still enjoying the beauty of the page.

Scrubs 123

A supplier of nursing attire, Scrubs 123 provides scrubs, lab coats, and uniforms along with useful accessories for nurses like stethoscopes and skincare products. Built with Magento Enterprise, their site is stylish and highly functional. It manages to make medical clothes look more fashionable and attractive than you ever thought possible. Determined not to be clinically bland, their storefront arrests the eye with bright colours and cheerful imagery, while also making it clear what products they offer and highlighting added services such as embroidery. is a website that sells traditional Indian women’s clothing. They offer a range of bright and beautiful attire, along with a broad range of complementary accessories and a made-to-measure service. On top of this, they also have a section offering clothing from various designer names and a selection of Indian wedding dresses and jewellery. The versatility of Magento has allowed these sections to be neatly wedded together in a shop that is has the same cheerful, traditional Indian feel as the products for sale.

Men’s Health

Men’s Health is a well-known brand, largely thanks to their popular magazine, with a catchy yet informative name. Their online shop features exactly what you would expect; men’s health products of all kinds. These are mostly the kind of products which fit neatly with their primary purpose as a magazine – books, DVDs and similar items. The customisation that Magento Enterprise offers is used to the full. The site perfectly fits their familiar style, and feels like a direct extension of the magazine itself.


Kipling provides a range of bags and accessories designed by supermodel and photographer Helena Christennsen. With products ranging from hand bags to school bags, and with accessories as varied as purses, umbrellas, and cute monkey keyrings, their international shop has to make the right impression on all kinds of visitors. It does this with a warm, welcoming, and glamorous design with comfortable navigation of products. gento Enterprise Edition allows this all to be seamlessly integrated alongside competitions and company information.

L’atelier Canson

L’atelier Canson (Canson Studio) is a French company specialising in exciting, high-quality, and useful art supplies. Visually, artists are a tough crowd to impress, so L’atelier Canson uses the customisability of Magento Enterprise to create an elaborate, artistic design. With sketched backgrounds and a creative scrapbook feel, it not only fits their brand identity but shows visitors that they know their ibndustry and seek out the very best web solutions.


Frette is a classy and diverse brand, which has built up its strong reputation over more than 150 years. Frette offers a wide range of stylish items. A very wide range, in fact, that covers just about everything you could possibly call stylish. Products range from clothing to towels, bed linen and gifts. Making full use of Magento Enterprise’s versatility, these diverse products are tied neatly together into a single, cohesive site with a design that emphasises quality and luxury.

Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer was started in 1917 by a man whose dream was “to bring joy to every boy and every girl.” Today, they help make this dream come true with a range of fantastic, high-quality wheeled toys such as trikes, scooters and ride-ons as well as the option to customise builds. Their online shop has been heavily personalised to their company’s unique identity. The design binds together modern and traditional elements, and is filled with the playful joy that children get from their products


Easton is a supplier of baseball products, and a useful source of information relating to the sport. Their shop perfectly captures the exciting and competitive nature of the sport, with a design that encapsulates power, speed, and dynamism. It works their product range prominently into a site which is far from purely commercial, with major sections devoted to featured stories and videos.


Medline provide a range of personal care items, mobility and living aids, and medical and laboratory equipment. Using Magento Enterprise, they have produced a site which looks as clean and healthy as any medical facility, without being clinically bland and functional. They sell several quite different product types which are all neatly and visibly incorporated into the initial landing page.


The line of high-quality paper products offered by Papyrus encompasses greeting cards, stationary, and wrapping paper for gifts. Their products are wonderfully showcased in an online shop built with Magento Enterprise. Visually, it has been designed to emphasise quality and luxury, making their products look more glamorous and appealing than most consumers would expect paper to be. Toolbars and visually appealing links provide visitors with a range of easy navigation options for a pleasant shopping experience.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker are a company with both style and conscience. They provide fashionable designer spectacles to both men and women, and for every pair purchased they donate a pair to somebody in need. They also partner with non-profits to improve education in needy areas of the world. Thanks to the versatility of Magento Enterprise, their site offers a clean design and seamless interaction between products and explanations of their business model and good work.


Cort are an events company, with an online store selling furniture and other event equipment. Their site also offers a wide range of sections that aren’t dedicated to eCommerce, such as a tool to help with event space planning, a portfolio, and a news section. The Magento Enterprise platform allows the eCommerce part of their operations to be smoothly combined with these other subjects, and not leave any section feeling like it has just been tacked on.

Taunton Store

Taunton are based not in Somerset but in the USA. They specialise in a range of subjects from building to sewing, and crafts to cooking. Thanks to a combination of Magento Enterprise’s flexibility and expert design wizardry, these seemingly disparate subjects can be incorporated side-by-side. Nothing seems out of place, and people who land on the page can clearly see all sections and head to the area that interests them most.

Web Blinds

Web Blinds is an online store selling all kinds of ready- and custom-made blinds and curtains. Their online shop, built with Magento Enterprise, successfully incorporates a lot of elements, but manages to do so without becoming croweded. Information about their company, their process, their products, and some of the things that make their service unique are all clearly displayed. A combination of two toolbars, at the top of the page and the side, provides a range of navigation options and makes sure all their products are within easy reach.

Harbor Freight Tools

Harbor Freight Tools offer a very wide selection of tools and related equipment. Their products range from little hand-held worklights to portable generators. Their Magento-built shop combines a design which perfectly fits their business and an information-packed homepage. The wide range of products they sell is clear from a glimpse, and visitors will easily find the right section in order to narrow things down to the products they want.

Chronicle Books

Chronicle books are a fun, forward-thinking book publisher founded in 1967. They started off with a typewriter and a single phone, and today they are a company to be reckoned with. The things they publish can be found in their online store. It has a bright, colourful design, heavily infused with the company’s spirit, and displays a range of their newest and most popular products, while providing easy links to information and resources for authors.

The North Face

One of the best-known and most reliable brands for tackling the great outdoors, The North Face offer their products through an online shop built with Magento Enterprise. Like their products, The North Face’s webstore is ruggedly built and expertly designed with the most up-to-date techniques. Products, offers, and events mingle on the homepage, and can be browsed with smooth navigation and a logical structure.

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a well-known supplier of exceptional shoes and accessories for both women and men. Their online boutique is built on the same principles as their collections – stylish, classy and modern. Magento Enterprise’s customisable nature and full set of advanced features allow this to be achieved in a reassuringly high-quality way. Shoes, handbags, and other products can be easily browsed based on different categories and collections, and results can also be filtered by criteria such as size, colour, and height of heel.


Gant is a popular, colourful and widely-loved provider of quality fashion for all ages. Their products cover most types of fashion, with a style which is relaxed, confident, and classic-yet-modern. Thanks to the versatile and easily-customised nature of Magento Enterprise, this has been clearly reflected in the design of the online shop. They have also used the excellent functionality Magento Enterprise offers to create a website that is easy to use yet has all the main features you could want from a fashion eCommerce store.

Reed & Barton

A retailer with true panache, Reed & Barton provide a range of high-quality tableware, along with items such as picture frames and jewellery boxes. Dating back to 1824, they are a brand with a well-developed character and distinctive heritage. Magento Enterprise has enabled them to include this in their online shop, and make it into a natural extension of their brand. Although eCommerce is clearly a modern phenomenon, their unique style gives the store a reassuringly traditional feel.


Ghirardelli provide decadent, delicious, high-quality chocolates. This respected brand has a comprehensive online shop built with Magento Enterprise. It incorporates eCommerce alongside recipes, tips, and other pages of useful information. The landing page tantalises the tastebuds of potential visitors by not only showing some of their most irresistible products, but creating an atmosphere heavy with sweetness and luxury. It’s enough to leave customers feeling almost like they’ve got a free taste just from looking at the page.


BeachMint describe themselves as “A next generation social commerce company.” It has a number of members-only sub-brands offering different kinds of items, such as “StyleMint” for clothes alongside “ShoeMint,” “BeautyMint” and many more. This diverse range of brands, products and requirements might seem difficult to coordinate. However, with the versatility and extensive feature set offered by Magento Enterprise Edition, they are comfortably housed in their own stores and coherently tied together on the main BeachMint page.


As one of the best-known and most trusted makers of kitchen appliances in the industry, Breville need to have an online store that is professional and effective. Magento Enterprise has enabled them to create a smart, neat, and easily-used design that combines high functionality with the clean, comfortable, homely look you want for your kitchen. Products are displayed on the homepage alongside the delicious foods they help to make. Obvious yet unintrusive links to their Facebook page, Youtube channel, and recipe section also sit neatly on the landing page.

At Brave Agency, we specialise in building unique, effective eCommerce sites using Magento Enterprise. It offers versatility, room for complete customisation, and an unrivalled feature set bolstered by a huge library of available add-ons. This makes it the perfect tool for helping us deliver sites that are absolutely perfect for our clients. If you’re thinking of having your new online shop built with Magento Enterprise Edition, Brave Agency have the expertise to use all of the many features to their full potential. Contact us to discuss your requirements on 01733 602020.

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