Horrifying Digital Marketing Agency Etiquette To Avoid Like The Plague

In the run-up to all hallows eve, Brave wants to advise you on examples of horrifying practises of Digital Marketing agencies looking to suck the blood out of your business! Of course, the ghostly realms of Digital Marketing is clouded and comprehensive. As such, initially getting your head around it can send you flailing in despair; a fair contribution to the plethora of reasons for your agency search. 

Perhaps understanding SEO, Wordpress, PPC (etc…) is taking up too much of your own valuable time. After all, there are perfectly good professionals who will happily claw the task out of your hands. Ultimately, the agency you choose should work with you to deliver the desired successes you strive for from the digital platform. They should not be taking advantage of your ignorance. 

So, moving forward in your pursuit for the ideal Digital Marketing agency, keep these considerations in mind; hopefully, there will be no tricks, only treats. 

Evidence Of Campaign Success

Finding an appropriate agency is much like the daunting feeling during recruitment. You want to get to know the brand, the people/person responsible for your business, and what they are all about. Like a job interview, you will find confidence in proof of their past feats, much like in a C.V. Statistics and facts are great, but if there’s no client-based evidence that the Digital Marketing agency is celebrating publically (like we do), you may want to hold your horses; there’s a demon on the loose. 

A case study section emblazoned on their website is fantastic for many reasons. Firstly, you get to see the visual results to the agency’s particular expertise, and the kind of clients they generally work with. Secondly, it’s the perfect portfolio for them to showcase their strengths, thus, providing you confidence. (An example of good practice is where in the first week of working with Sony Centre Direct, Brave has created a 236% return for the business. See the corresponding figures below).  


Return on Investment


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Campaign Adverts Used

In the circumstance you are in talks with a start-up Digital Marketing agency, they should be mature and intelligent enough to use evidence of their successes from their previous marketing positions (again, as you would expect from a job applicant). If they are unable to prove their salt in this way, then don’t put your business on the line for the Grim Reaper to come knocking.

What’s more, it should be clearly explained how evidence of the success of your campaign will be tracked and delivered to you. Is this through weekly reports? Is it through monthly agency meetings? Will you hear nothing for three months other than an eerie word that ‘all is well’? You need to know how you will be kept in the loop so no spooks can come out and bite you. They should also be eager to unearth the mysticism that is the digital language; your feedback will likely be as easy to interpret as the Theban alphabet.

What Are Their Digital Marketing Fortes?

If you find you are being offered every service possible, then wait for the silly string because you’re about to get got. Unless you are meeting with a global corporation agency, it’s likely the business holds specific expertise in a few Digital Marketing niches. With it being such a broad industry, it is impossible to have a team that is both proficient at every single level of  Digital Marketing while juggling a variety of clients over a scope of campaigns. Unless, you know… magic. 

Instead, it’s likely you grasp what it is you want from your selected agency (more converted traffic to your site, new branding…), so that is all your agency really needs to address. And if they can’t, then thank them for their honesty. Don’t fall victim to the masquerade.  

The Promise Of Reaching Top Google Search Results

In other words, the promise from the devil of the Digital Marketing world. Naturally, the eventual goal of both parties is to see your site adorning the top hits section on the Google search pages. But this comes with a lot of hard work, and infinite patience; there are no sorcerers here.

There is a huge process behind SEO. The journey is foggy and potholed with monsters jumping from graves to spook you (such as surprise algorithm updates) and unless you currently have the perfect site, the agency should invest a lot of time in optimising what you already have. 

Likewise, we are not fortune tellers; we can’t know how your competitors are likely to perform against you (that said, your agency can keep track of the race, like Brave for its clients). On the other hand, you may by some random feat arrive at the top results; it cannot be predicted for which keywords, nor for which page. 

Nonetheless, this is a fantastic ambition you should aim for as long as you are aware it is about as random as bobbing for apples- you can’t determine the winning result.    

Plenty Of Traffic But No Conversion In Sight

This is shocking etiquette, and if it happens then you can be sure you’ve been working with cowboys. It might be fair to say that you request lots of new users to your site as part of your Digital Marketing expectations. But it is your agency’s duty to see through your naivety and interpret your request as ‘lots of conversions’. Quality over quantity, after all. 

Of course, showing you a surge of traffic arriving at one of their current client sites is a way to show their paid campaign technique works. But you have no time for smoke, mirrors and uninvited visitors.  Do they show examples where a satisfying percentage of the traffic becomes conversions? If they can’t, can they tell you why? It’s like having the perfect ice-cream sundae but no cherry on top. And everyone wants the cherry on top. 

What Bounds You And The Agency?

First and foremost, check the contract. Sometimes, relationships don’t go as planned, so what’s the get-out clause? Are they proposing unnecessarily high costs in the circumstance of a break-up during a long-running contract? Then it’s likely they don’t own much self-confidence in their marketing abilities. 

Equally, if they suggest any of your Google campaigns, such as your Google Ads, is ran through their account then you should take astride your broomstick and bust out of there. Say things go sour, maybe they lay on more charges and you decide you want to back out. Once you find a new agency, you will have to start your PPC campaign from scratch as any historical data will be chained and padlocked in the hands of your former agency (time to wield your torches and pitchforks).      

nightmare seo

Navigating Through The Nightmare

Eventually, an agency offering organic and honest guidance to succeed your Digital Marketing wants will appear like magic. There are so many around, with such a variety of expertise it’s like a candy jar. However, you must ensure you gel with the agency, as you will be entrusting them with a major element of your business. 

Brave is an affable, local Digital Marketing agency who owns specific expertise in SEO, PPC, e-Commerce and Website Design. We will happily hold your hand and guide you through the mist, and we certainly will not offer you empty promises! Our strategy is a transparent, honest approach to quench our client’s Digital Marketing hankerings. If this is something that interests you then click here, and let’s get you closer to your ghouls!

Written bySian Seage

Hi there, I’m Sian, the Business Operation Manager here at Brave Agency. I have a tonne of experience in business management and marketing which I hope to share a little bit of that knowledge with you guys.

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