Avoid the horrors of mismanaged PPC & SEO

Strategic development of PPC & SEO can lead you down many roots. Knowing which is right isn’t always obvious unless you know the industry and your customer inside out. We’ve held many discussions on the right trajectory for driving the best possible return from PPC/SEO campaign management.


For PPC, the one thing that always crops up is the budget. Is it right? Will it last? Do I run the risk of limiting my exposure, well the answers in order are;

Probably not if you’re a small fish in a big pond.
It won’t if you’ve loaded too many basic ‘broad keywords’. This may have worked for low level or niche campaigns – we don’t dismiss the use of broad keywords…
Yes, if you haven’t addressed the first two questions.
Budget is a big cog in the wheel of the PPC machine, to be specific, no dollar, no clicky. With the right kind of budget and targeting, you can achieve some incredible results. BUT, the budget only counts when the campaigns are built correctly, and this is why I have brought up “STRATEGY”, purely because you should never go into building a campaign unless you understand the requirements of your customer.


Similarly with SEO, if your plan does not reach management of a campaign over 12 months then your obviously chipping in for short-term contracts and probably won’t be around the client long enough to see value, error, and creativity in your work.

This is why the initial strategy should be flexible but also absolute with the data you have dove in to filter into a comprehensive report specifically designed to plan your next 3, 6 or 12 months, maybe even longer if you’re feeling ballsy.

A flexible strategy is usually considered a safe bet but considers the flipside here. Say you have a ‘great chat’ with your client, you think you’ve got all that needs to be considered as vital chunks of data and information regarding your pitch to take on the work and then assess costings. Costing-up is not a fun part of anyone’s job, essentially, you’re about to tell someone that they need to invest in a small mortgage in order to compete digitally. Don’t be surprised if this is the case as a very famous CEO once said;

“If you are not genuinely pained by the risk involved in your strategic choices, it’s not much of a strategy”

Reed Hastings, CEO, Netflix.

Quality work is bred entirely by creativity and problem solving, not to mention experience. This quality does not exist if it is not paid for, so this should assure you that a strategy that is thought through, is likely to have been deliberated over for many hours. Purely to give, you the customer, value for money. At the same time, keep the workforce creative and keep them solving problems you wouldn’t want to arrive at launch.

We recently found an apparent SEO structure created by the previous agency used, which was worth all of nothing. Not to mention some very outraged practices and several thousand backlinks which were removed to improve organic visibility.

What you’re in for…

To be frank, you’re going to hire a bunch of digital sleuths who really know how the bread is buttered. This is why you should take the time to digest a strategy and really think, would you like your house built on the cheap only for it to fold in half with the slightest wind, or would you feel confident in building a solid foundation and walls to keep you safe and bare the elements of the commercial world.

I know which I would choose.

Don’t expect results immediately from SEO

There is a good reason for this. Besides the fact that Google literally takes a full millennia to recognise your developments, you will find that the work involved in reconstructing a website from an organic perspective can be incredibly time-consuming.

If you’ve never seen a crawl of a website with several million indexed pages (which by the way were all duplicate content) then you’ve not had to deal with the complexity of wanting to bang your head off the desk that we have. Just to confirm, we fixed it and in record time!

The big question, “Is it better to do half a job on time or take longer but complete the task with finesse?”

I’m just going to say it, the straight answer is the latter. A job takes as long as it takes, but this shouldn’t stop you from agreeing on deadlines. Everyone likes to get things done on a deadline, but I would not like to do a job by half, if I did I wouldn’t have a reliable reputation that I have used to fulfill tasks set for the benefit of our clients.

We recently looked into how we were presenting strategies, and we have found a much better way to communicate the complexity of tasks, whilst slimming down explanations, and showing the value of each project both in costings but in addition, we were showing a journey of how results can be achieved.

Knowing about the industry and movements which heckle SEO & PPC campaign managers into new ways of thinking, jumping through ‘Penalty’ hoops which almost always seem to have a fiery ultimatum, and understanding the progression of requirements. Getting involved in strategic planning is rewarding at the end but there is usually a lot of heartache and balance that needs to be addressed early on and sometimes throughout. Patience and understanding are key to developing your marketing strategy.

We are proud of our SEO & PPC knowledge and we do continually learn from leading experts and take their advice in order to carry out the best work possible. Learning is also about rapport building and showing transparency, honesty, and trust – not only in the work we carry out but also the relationships we have built from managing successful strategies for our clients.

Afterall that is how we benefit from real-world referrals.

If you need a fresh Digital Marketing strategy for your PPC, SEO or anything else, give us a call, so we can pave the foundations for your digital future.

Written byGareth Torrance

Hello there. I'm Gareth, the Search Engine Marketing Lead at Brave. With almost a decade of experience in PPC and SEO, I've seen everything from Pandas and Penguins to the horrible time that was Mobilegeddon. As a Google Ads Certified Google Specialist, I have lived through almost every major shift in the industry! And that makes me feel old.

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