Am I Competing Effectively On PPC?

Well, you’ve just asked the £1m PPC question. Research tells us that there are always extra things you can do to get the leading edge on your competitors. The best way to tell is to make sure you have all the right tools to research your competition and also run regular reports with enough time in between to see trends in your statistics. You may want to see what happens over a day, week, month even a year (maybe longer).

PPC Basics

Let’s start with the basics, Google Analytics. I cannot stress enough how important & useful this tool has been in measuring the activity on your own site. Believe me when I say it is a minefield of data, but if you know what you’re doing then it’s as easy as checking a bus timetable.

I’ve met plenty of ‘account managers’ in my career who continually ask me questions about the data they see and what it means. Simply enough it’s all about behaviour and makes great use of Google’s ability to deep dive into the user’s online DNA. You’ll see all sorts from device type to age demographic and even gender. Imagine how you can market your product(s) to these individuals whilst making sure you target the right ones with the intent to buy or at least make a purchase over time. Even if they don’t buy know, what’s to say they won’t buy later?

What tools are out there to help you?

SEMRush is a great tool, this awesome piece of kit allows you to run all types of audits, develop ideas for your marketing strategy, track where you sit on the playing field, delve into social media audiences and analyse the movement on certain platforms. (You even get updates on when Google last ran an update).

I should mention this tool is not FREE so it’s worth noting that this incurs an extra cost to your marketing investment. We already have an account so we can use this for each of our clients at no extra cost to them (see, we are saving you money already). It is a worthwhile investment nonetheless.

What next?

Once you manage to get the information you need, don’t become complacent with your set up on first glance, you have to keep a rotation or stream of new ideas to make sure you are communicating a current message to your potential customers. If you feel you’re not competing then don’t surrender, we have a comprehensive team who specialise in their field to analyse and report on what we can improve for you.

As Neil Patel (leading blogger) advises;

“99% of the people who lose money on AdWords (now called Google Ads) simply quit too early (or spent too much, too fast). Have patience. It takes time.”

Don’t get stuck down the rabbit hole;

It’s all too easy to get tunnel vision when you find something that needs your attention, tracking a single part of performance should become part of a fork of analysis, each section attaining its own value and a set of rules you feel you should follow to make sure your Ads, keywords & performance react positively (over time) to show you the real feedback from your campaign.

I like to set up as many trackable conversions as possible as this gives you comparable data and these metrics will give you a much better understanding of who does what on your website and also let’s you answer the question that surfaces ; “WHY?”

User engagement evolves as time goes by, the masses trend over different products so if you find your products are outdated, it doesn’t mean that no one wants it, it just means you need to adjust your demographic target.

What you need to manage;

  • Bids
  • Ad position
  • Quality Score
  • Geographic Locations
  • Bounce Rate
  • Exit Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Event Tracking
  • Ad creation
  • Ad management
  • Audience
  • Promotional extensions
  • Investment level
  • Segmentation of your Ad groups

What you need to have to manage an Google Ads campaign

  • Creativity
  • Awareness
  • Knowledge of your customer demographic
  • Social presence
  • Internal critical analysis
  • Branding
  • A user-friendly website
  • An understanding of organic presence & movement
  • Ability to adapt to Google’s update evolution
  • Understanding of ROI movement / Seasonally & Monthly

Active Insights is a great tool to know WHO your competitors are, putting a face to the name is a very useful way to keep an eye on how you rank against these individual companies.

The simple fact remains that there is a zen like balance to the quality in your adverts vs. bid management.

Just remember, Google Ads doesn’t just have to be used to increase immediate purchases, it can be used to create a boost in brand awareness. I have used it before to increase awareness for all sorts of events, services or promotions that are running up to delivery. It’s proved its worth in cheap traffic for a temporary investment – This is where understanding if your website has a good user-friendly experience will improve your chances of getting the potential customers on your side of the fence over your competitors.

Feel free to try setting up a campaign yourself or give us a call to discuss your options. At BRAVE, we are always ready to help you venture into the PPC world. Just ask our experts!

Written byGareth Torrance

Hello there. I'm Gareth, the Search Engine Marketing Lead at Brave. With almost a decade of experience in PPC and SEO, I've seen everything from Pandas and Penguins to the horrible time that was Mobilegeddon. As a Google Ads Certified Google Specialist, I have lived through almost every major shift in the industry! And that makes me feel old.

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