7 Tools Designers and Developers Will Love!

As a digital agency, we always like to keep an eye out for cool new tools to make our lives simpler, increase productivity and in general improve the way in which we work. For the lovely month of October, we’ve compiled for you a list of some great tools we’ve found for all the designers, developers and marketers out there. Doesn’t matter if you’re an expert of a beginner, it’s great for everyone.


A task manager for Gmail, It interfaces with tasks, emails, documents calendar projects and contacts. It’s a great little tool for those wanting to bring all your data into one consistent interface and manage everything in your life.


It is available on any computer, tablet or phone and synchronizes all devices and users in real time. But you can also work offline and sync later. But synchronize where you may ask? One of the best advantages with MOO.DO, is its ability to let you store data on your Google account. Here at Brave, we rely somewhat quite heavily on Google Drive so this is a bonus in our book.


Diverse UI is a collection of free stock photos of people from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds to bring some diversity to your designs.



An incredibly useful source of free stock photos, videos, graphics and music you can use for both personal and commercial projects.



If you’ve ever wanted to create professional looking infographics, then Adioma is easy to use infographic generator that lets you create things like timelines, organisational charts and much more.



On a delayed train from Manchester to London in 1990, Rowling wrote her initial Potter ideas on a napkin. With that concept, you now have Napkin, an iOS app where you can write all your startup ideas. Unlikes the Notes application, it lets you capture all of your business ideas in a simple, clean design. It helps you by breaking down all of the important pieces of a successful plan for you and backing it all up automatically so you don’t lose million pound idea.


With the app, you can vet essential business elements of your idea, step by step. Add text and photos to bring your ideas to life. Then once you’ve got everything you can email a full breakdown of the idea to yourself, team or others.


Built on the needs of designers and developers, Kelir is a free color picker app for Mac. It’s also got tools for creating palettes and gradients. It sits nicely on your menu bar giving you easy access no matter what application you’re using, once you’ve picked colours it will generate colour codes in the following formats;

  • CSS
  • Android Colours
  • NSColour Objective-C
  • UIColour Swift
  • NSColour Swift
  • UIColour Objective-C



Stockmagic is a tiny app that lives in your menu bar that lets you find the best images on 25 of the biggest free stock photo services.


Written byTony Conte

Founder and Owner of Brave Agency, an Integrated Agency transforming businesses through design, digital and marketing, helping you, our clients to get results by applying the right strategy.

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