5 Website Designs You Should Break Up With

In the complex world of website design, trends come and go. But, there are some that should be buried deep in digital space never to be seen again. On average, 55% of web users will leave your website within 15 seconds of landing there, so this is why it’s important to create a website design that your target audience will fall in love with at first sight! Other important factors are balancing user experience and SEO. Whilst you don’t want to over clutter your page, you still need to rank highly on search engines.

In this post, we will cover some common website design trends that we think you should ‘break up with’ this Valentines Day. These are:


1. Snarky Pop-ups

If done correctly, pop-ups can be a great feature of web design to encourage users to subscribe to a blog or engage in some way. In fact, according to Sumo.com, the average pop-up conversion rate is just 3.09%. However, we all know how frustrating they can be when all you want to do is view the website without our user experience being hijacked.

When pop-up’s become rude and intrusive, this is when they become a problem. Those labelled something snarky when not clicked on, such as “no thanks, I like missing out on customers” can often be considered offensive and can aggravate your audience. Never use wording that ‘tries’ to make your visitors feel bad for not doing something. They will easily see how you’re trying to trick them and won’t like it!

Making your visitors angry is foolish because these are potential customers you’re pushing away. Even though just over 3% conversion seems low, looking at the study by Sumo.com, an example of 100,000 visitors to your site would still produce 3,000 subscribers, so it’s a part of website design that’s worth investing in organically!


2. Auto-play Video

Another part of the website design that is worth avoiding is auto-play video. None of us enjoys being ambushed by loud video and sounds once entering a site. This is an easy way to drive users away from your website. If the video is absolutely necessary, a better alternative would be to have the video playback with the sound toggled to mute. This way you are respecting your viewers by giving them the ability to opt-in to watching any videos on your page.


3. Non-responsive Website Designs

It shouldn’t be a question of whether your website design is responsive or not. As you already know, mobile traffic has gained huge momentum over the last few years, surpassing desktop. In fact, according to gs.statcounter.com, mobile market share is 51.65%, making it over 7% larger than desktop market share (44.6%).

Having a fully responsive website design avoids a lot of pinching and zooming on mobile screens, which we all know is frustrating when mobile is seen as quicker and easier than desktop. A responsive website is also important for SEO purposes. For example, Google’s update, ‘Mobilegeddon’ which was released in 2015 forecasted to have negative effects for businesses with websites that weren’t mobile-friendly.


4. Bad, Cliche Stock Photos

This is one trend that should definitely be retired! Those unrealistic, cheesy images are only going to give your web design a superficial feel. So If you’re going to use a stock photo in future, make sure it looks sincere and genuine, which is a much better way to instil trust with your visitors.


5. Full-page Carousels

Image carousels seem to be everywhere and can add visual interest and reduce clutter, but they are terrible for SEO because of the lack of content on them! The best way around this is to use embedded text you can optimise rather than image-based titles. Not to mention the fact that high-resolution images that are under-optimised also affect your website’s performance by slowing down the load time of the page!


Website Design and UX

Your website’s performance isn’t just based on SEO alone, user experience is also a huge factor. A poor website design equates to a poor user experience, which only sends visitors away to your competitor’s sites. Try to update your web design regularly with modern and polished designs. For some more tips, check out another one of our blog posts: How to Increase My Ecommerce Conversion Rates. By following these handy tips, the conversions rates are sure to follow!


Where Can I Find More Information?

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Written byTony Conte

Founder and Owner of Brave Agency, an Integrated Agency transforming businesses through design, digital and marketing, helping you, our clients to get results by applying the right strategy.

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