5 Steps to a Successful eCommerce Website Launch

A website rebuild or launch can revitalise your eCommerce business if done effectively. eCommerce marketing is an essential part of the process – why spend all that time, effort and money paying attention to reaching your target audience? While the phrase “if you build it, they will come” is applicable, a new website launch can entice new customers to check it for themselves and maybe convert their visit into a sale.

Informing the masses about your website launch is an opportunity to hit the ground running, and these are five inventive ways of doing so.

Squeeze Every Drop of Potential Out of Social Media

Social media is the online town square, so why not use that to get the word out about your website launch? Be as rigorous with your social media marketing as possible to let as many people as possible know about your website and when it launches. This could be done using shareable content such as infographics or videos showing the service you offer. Start early on in the process and don’t leave it until the day of the launch, as this will build momentum up towards the big day and result in more day-one customers.

Spread the Word with Email Marketing

Newsletters are another effective way to directly communicate with those interested in your eCommerce brand. While not everyone will have your social media posts on their feed immediately, emails are a message sent directly to their inbox, and means a much higher chance of your audience opening and engaging with it. Use emails to update customers on the status of the new website, remind them when the site is live and perhaps even reward their loyalty with a small promotional coupon.

Conduct a Survey

A more heavy-duty approach to website development is to involve your audience in the process. They will be using the website once it’s launched, so why not ask them what they would like to see on it and how it should interact? Giving them a chance to contribute to the design of the site will foster a personal connection to your brand, and could improve the site’s usability in return.

Utilise Influencers

Social media influencers can be the lightning bolt that strikes your brand into the minds of an entirely new audience. It’s the job of influencers to spread awareness of brands, and a partnership that works well can introduce keen eyes to your new website launch.

A few well-positioned posts – one to announce the launch date, another diving deep into your brand and finally a launch-day post driving people to the site, for example – can make the project stick in people’s minds and the influencer gives them a seal of approval that they can trust. In short, they are the best salespeople on the internet!

Contact an eCommerce Website Design Agency

Getting in touch with an experienced eCommerce website design agency can ensure that you have an amazing website out of the gate with ample post-launch support if something goes wrong. Here at Brave Agency, we are the number one web development agency in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area, and our dedicated design and development teams have been behind many successful eCommerce website launches. Plus, our in-house marketing team can help with your digital marketing strategy to maximise the amount of traffic your website receives come launch day. Contact us today and see what we can do for your eCommerce business today.

Written byNathan

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