5 key questions to ask before hiring a branding agency

Building a recognisable and reputable brand can be an incredibly hard thing to do. Even more so if you choose to do it on your own. One thing many businesses choose to do is employ the expertise of a specialised agency. Agencies like ours, specialise in creating brand guidelines which include everything from graphics, design, font and colour scheme. In addition to that, we can help you decide on how to market your brand.

If you want to create a successful brand, we’re the people you need to come to, but what questions should you be asking? Let’s take a look at some of the important questions you should be asking a prospective agency before they take on any of your work.

How will you protect my brand from competitors?

In the industry, you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of brands like or similar to yours, with the same goals and objectives as you. Most are likely to have agencies just like us that will specialise in brand strategy, ensuring the brand gets maximum exposure.

Although, no agency can guarantee results, what most people want from their agencies is assurance. Assurance that they have an understanding of your industry and competition and they have equally identified their advantages and disadvantages. This way you know they’ve created for you a brand that is suitable for the industry you are in and, a brand that has taken into account everything your competitors are missing. Doing this also allows you to have a better chance of staking your claim in your industry.

Why do you want to work with my brand?

For some of you reading that it might seem like a pointless question, many of you might assume the agency picked you because of the money. However, don’t take this point of view, although this is a significant considering factor, there are agencies that receive 100’s of proposals and, if they reason they’ve picked your brand may be because they see the potential and have confidence they can help boost your business. It gives you an idea of how much they know about your business, and if they truly know what they are doing, they should have a strong grasp of how your business is performing and the current state of affairs for your business industry in general.

Can you walk us through your process?

One mistake that business owners can make is to rush into joining an agency without asking them about the process they will be going through. You are immediately setting yourself up for disappointment or disaster. And the only person you can blame is yourself. You need to be asking your prospective agency the right questions; how long it would take, the process in which they are going to present the concepts to you, whether or not revisions could be made after concepts have been accepted etc.

Essentially, you want to have clarification as to how the agency is going to undertake your design task. If an agency says they can get you a logo in a day they are almost likely rushing your work, or at the least using templates. Likewise, if they quote an obscene amount of hours for the allocated tasks, you might also want to quiz them further to find out if they know what they are doing.

How have you performed with past clients?

Everyone wants an agency who has a good track record and gets results. You’ll want to see how their work has impacted the performance for their clients; you want to see how the other projects they have worked on have ended up.

With this information at hand, you can make an educated judgement as to how the agency is going to be able to perform the tasks you require and to what level of quality. Asking this to each of the agencies you approach also gives you a good measure to benchmark them.

Who’s going to be undertaking my work?

The ultimate way to get excellent, groundbreaking work is to work with an agency who has people who are genuinely interested. Meeting some of the team who will be responsible for your branding tasks can give you a good impression as to whether they will or won’t enjoy the work on your brand. If you don’t feel that immediate enthusiasm from the agencies team then you are not likely to get the product you want from them.

So there it is, that’s five questions you should be asking your branding agency to make sure you and the agency are under perfect understanding and as a result the final product will be much better. If you have a branding project in mind yourself you can contact us here.

Written byTony Conte

Founder and Owner of Brave Agency, an Integrated Agency transforming businesses through design, digital and marketing, helping you, our clients to get results by applying the right strategy.

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