3 Exciting Online Marketing Updates for YouTube Advertising

YouTube is taking online marketing and digital advertising to the next level with three new and exciting platform updates. Find out how brands and advertising agencies can advertise on YouTube like never before.

Google’s video platform, YouTube, is part of a select few staple websites on the internet and was one of the founding fathers of content marketing. Founded in 2005, it is still the number one long-form video-sharing platform in the world, with over 330 million hours of video uploaded to the site every minute. With this in mind, finding a niche that will fit your eCommerce brand is guaranteed. For decades, brands and content creators have been using the platform to promote, share and advertise their products either in-house or with an experienced advertising agency (like Brave for example).

With YouTube advertising growing year-on-year, Google is very interested in making YouTube an even more beneficial advertising opportunity for digital marketers. The platform is known for its skippable ads that adapt to show the user’s interests over time, but they are thinking of new ways to allow brands to reach their healthy global audience.

Announced last month, YouTube now has received an update to its ad creation sector, with three new features that will undoubtedly be of use for getting eyes and minds focused on your brand. Here are three brand new ways that YouTube are allowing viewers to stream and shop with YouTube advertising.

Moment Blast

More and more, big events are being streamed on YouTube. From football matches to movie releases and product launches, youtube is growing into a position as the home of some of the world’s biggest events on connected TVs. Moment Blast is a new feature that allows advertisers to capitalise on the captive audience.

With this new feature, you can get prime positioning during key moments via branded title cards and masthead placements. This shows up not just on TVs but other devices such as mobile, and with YouTube’s knack for applying relevant content to ads, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you will reach an audience willing to listen.

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Discovery Ads Expansion

When YouTube introduced Discovery Ads to the platform in late 2021, it allowed marketers to place their brand, product or service alongside relevant content. Now, it is being expanded to help scale online marketing and reach even more engaged viewers. Product feeds will be enhanced to show local offers and real-time availability for products via information from their Google Merchant Centre. This will allows users to easily access the most convenient place to buy, shortening the purchase pipeline much more. If you’re an avid user of sponsored content and influencer marketing, creators will now be able to tag the products in their videos and transform their content into virtual storefronts.

Audio Ads

As well as being the number one video content platform, YouTube is the second-largest destination for audio and podcast content. Viewers flock there for video versions of albums, live performances and podcast episodes, and its YouTube Premium service allows users to stream audio-only editions of this type of content.

Now, the platform is introducing Audio Ads that can reach the right audio listener at the right time. This unlocks a huge digital marketing sector that will help eCommerce businesses reach audiences no matter where they are or what they’re listening to. This, as well as discovery ads and moment blasts, will prove to be very productive ventures for businesses looking to capture the attention of a youthful audience.


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